One Goal: Improve Your Security

We’re a dedicated security company with a holistic, customer-focused approach.
We work with you to understand the impact of IT on your business, determine the associated risks, and provide guidance on how you can manage risk more effectively with proven strategies and controls. We’re 100% owned by employees who are passionate about cybersecurity, customer success, and doing the right thing.

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Security Strategy

Develop a holistic security strategy that encompasses your unique business requirements, resources and risk tolerance.

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Understand your risks and identify a clear path to proactively strengthen security.

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Technical Implementation

Understand your risks and identify a clear path to proactively strengthen security.

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Managed Security Services

Increase visibility to potential threats with a highly skilled staff that serves as an extension of your team.

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Educate your staff on the latest advancements and best practices in today’s security landscape.

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Protect Your Critical Assets

Create an IT infrastructure that’s capable of being protected against attack and disruption. Critical Start’s proven framework, The Defendable Network, demystifies complex security standards, while also adapting to ever-evolving technologies and threats.

The Defendable Network seeks to prevent initial compromise, as well as plan for failure with controls to restrict lateral movement, and swiftly and effectively detect and respond to breaches. Our prioritized roadmap considers common-sense requirements like user experience, operational expenses, implementation efforts, and business needs.
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What’s Your Security Readiness Condition?

When it comes to security strategy, one size doesn’t fit all. From risk tolerance to budget constraints to compliance requirements, your business needs are diverse. That’s why we’ve developed a unique approach to evaluating Security Readiness Condition or SECCON.
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Spectre and Meltdown: Why No One Should Implicitly Trust Hardware

Everyone should be wary of downloading, installing, or running unknown scripts or software. Recent events should expand the focus of that healthy skepticism to include hardware as well.

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