Mobile SOC

Experience the Freedom of Mobility

Mobile SOC

You are now free to move about your day

Like most cybersecurity professionals, you’re probably mired in daily tasks. Yet your ability to quickly review and respond to escalated security incidents is paramount to maintaining a secure environment. The result? You’re left “chained” to your desktop.

The Critical Start Mobile SOC™ app revolutionizes the interaction model between managed security services provider (MSSP) and customer. With Mobile SOC, Critical Start MSSP you not only benefit from a streamlined managed security service, but also experience the ability to move freely about your day with ongoing access to address and act on security incidents from anywhere.

Within the mobile app, you can investigate, escalate, comment on, respond to, and remediate security incidents.

There's an App for That

Secure mobile app delivers detailed, actionable information to your mobile device

Event Aggregation and Notification

Incident Response

Escalation and Workflow

API Integration with Technology Stack

Productivity To Go

Cybersecurity information at your fingertips

The Mobile SOC dashboard displays information on the total number of security events as well as MTTD (Median Time to Detect) and MTTR (Median Time to Respond).

The Incident Summary screen shows all open security events and the ability to drill down to additional details and action buttons that enable the user to assign, escalate or close the incident, as well as add images and comments, directly from their mobile device. Historical details on trigger events, whitelist event, and interesting events that may add context are also accessible in the app.

To provide comprehensive information on the total MSSP solution, Mobile SOC features API integration to the preferred solutions in Critical Start’s technology stack, including solutions for SIEM, endpoint detection and response, network security and vulnerability management. The new mobile app further increases the efficiency of the overall Critical Start MSSP offering, which delivers industry-leading security monitoring and response with up to 90% reduction in Tier 1 incidents.