BSides Tulsa – April 9, 2016
  • Where: Hard Rock Cafe Casino in Tulsa, OK!!!!
  • Cost: Free!!! (Give thanks to all our sponsors for this!
  • Keynote: Tim West – Hacking the Blue Team
  • Tech Village: Fun includes Capture the Flag, College of Lockpicking, and Social Engineering Workshop
  • Hangout Hall: This is the area where you can meet vendors, attendees and even speakers for the ‘hallway-con’ activities.  AKA, where the beer is

Security talks usually focus on what isn’t working for the blue team, with occasional recommendations that may or may not apply to the real world. Often that’s because many talks are given by people who haven’t been in the trenches in enterprise IT security. This talk focuses on the realities of what a day in the life of an average blue team member is about: SecOps, Architecture & Engineering, working with other IT teams being an internal IT security consultant and risk adviser.

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