The award signifies excellence in innovation

PLANO, TEXAS – August 15, 2016 – Critical Start LLC received an Innovation Partner of the Year award in August from Cylance® for their unique ability to integrate cyber security solutions into a client’s environment, which blends implementation experience with deep product knowledge. The award was accepted by Managing Director, Tera Davis, who oversees integration of vendor solutions as part of building a solid security foundation for clients. In an email Mrs. Davis stated, “Critical Start has shown that we consistently listen to our customers and build innovative protection around their needs using our Defendable Network framework.” The Defendable Network was created by Critical Start to simplify complex, and sometimes confusing security approaches.

Critical Start is a dedicated cyber security solutions provider with the goal to measurably improve the security capabilities of their customers based on strategy. This strategic approach to security involves assessing how IT impacts business, risk tolerance and specific threats of concern to uniquely prioritize the security capabilities required for each client. Critical Start provides Advisory Security Consulting Services, PCI QSA assessments, implementation consulting, managed security services and product fulfillment assistance for their clients. For more information visit


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