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Cloud Transformation for Competitive Advantage

Critical Start follows a Cloud First strategy with our customers.  To us, Cloud First means:

  • Investigating Cloud based options as the preference for new IT initiatives
  • Pursuing onsite options only when faced with unique business requirements

Critical Start integrates cloud based options into everything we do, including our Cloud Security Operations Center.

Our recommendation to IT security professionals is to strongly advocate a Cloud First strategy to other cross-functional groups.  This allows IT security to be involved in the definition and implementation stages of key IT initiatives versus trying to shoe horn security in afterwards.  To support a Cloud First strategy, IT security needs to be able to provide the same level of control and visibility for cloud based services as onsite services.

A Cloud First strategy transforms the business:

  • With on-demand cloud infrastructure available, organizations can experiment more often and fail quickly at a lower cost. This greatly enables innovation!
  • Organizations don’t have to guess at capacity, which usually results in either under or over buying fixed infrastructure and licenses.
  • Blindingly fast speed to market with instant global reach

As Mary Cecola, CIO of Antares Capital, said, “We can focus on the change-the-business stuff and not worry about the run-the-business things. It really changes my relationship with the business. I don’t have a data center to worry about.”

Critical Start provides a perspective to our customers about how to best transform their business to leverage the competitive advantages provided by a Cloud First strategy.  Every cloud offering is not necessarily enterprise ready, so we need to strongly consider requirements around cybersecurity, availability, and compliance.

So, what is Critical Start doing to help our clients with cloud transformation?

  • Deployed the Critical Start MSSP completely in cloud infrastructure to support a Cloud Security Operations Center that integrates seamlessly with today’s cloud based technologies.
  • Adapted our Defendable Network capabilities matrix to include cloud controls
  • Continuously test and assess security tools that provide cloud based controls
  • Rigorous training programs to ensure consultants are accredited in cloud technologies
  • Deployed the world’s first mobile application to work with a Cloud Security Operations Center
  • Certified as a PCI QSA to provide guidance to clients with compliance requirements
  • Joined Amazon Partner and Microsoft Partner Networks

Cloud Transformation

  • Pay for just what you use
  • Increased service options
  • Faster deployment times
  • Increased agility
  • Cheaper Dev and QA
  • Better elasticity and scalability
  • Centralized management
  • Better cybersecurity (maybe)
  • History of repeated price drops