The Art of Phishing: How Adversaries Hook Their Victims

We have all sat through phishing trainings about not clicking on suspicious links or buying gift cards for the CEO. But with all these tedious trainings, why are we still falling for threat actors’ tricks? How are they coming up with new ways to evade our detections? 

Join Critical Start’s Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence & Detection Engineering, Matthew Herring, for a virtual lunch and learn as we discuss:

  • The evolution of phishing and its impact in today’s cybersecurity landscape
  • Why phishing attacks are still effective
  • Real life examples and evasion techniques
  • Live demo from our Microsoft security expert on using MDR to protect against phishing


Matthew Herring

Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence & Detection Engineering

Matthew leads the Critical Start Cyber Research Unit, providing timely, actionable intelligence and effective, accurate detections. Matthew’s background includes various roles in Security Leadership, Compliance, Threat Detection, Incident Response, Cloud Security, and Risk Management.

Charlie Smith

Microsoft Product Manager

Charlie has extensive experience in the Microsoft security space, solutioning, implementing, and architecting Microsoft security tools for customers across the globe. As the Microsoft Product Manager, his primary focus is on all things Microsoft Security, enriching and releasing new features for Critical Start MDR customers.

*Terms & Conditions: Must be 18 years or older. End-user company must have greater than 500 employees. Be a professional employee with a verifiable and relevant security-related job title. Not be an IT partner, consultant, student, or competitor.

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