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Incident responders overwhelmed by false-positive security alerts; waste hours daily investigating false-positives, survey report reveals

MDR incident responders are wasting an enormous number of hours and resources processing useless security alerts – a problem that impacts staffing, operational business models and security effectiveness. Additionally, incident responders often cope with this problem by reducing the sensitivity of security equipment or ignoring alerts altogether – thus leaving their organizations more vulnerable and susceptible to attacks.

Continuous Cyber Exposure Risk Monitoring

24x7 Monitoring of Internet Assets and Cloud Infrastructure

Cyber Exposure monitoring provides live visibility using technology specifically designed for security. Backed by the highly trained Critical Start SOC team, this service builds on the roots of Vulnerability Management for traditional IT applications and systems to deliver continuous visibility of external and cloud assets that are monitored 24×7.

GDPR Readiness Assessment

Evaluate Preparedness for the New EU Regulation

With potential fines as high as 4% of global revenue for non-compliance, it is good business practice to proactively achieve GDPR compliance. We can help assess your environment against the current GDPR requirements and provide guidance and remediation advice for any identified risks.

Managed Security Services

Zero Trust MDR: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Coverage

Critical Start provides an effective, fully managed security operations center complete with security event management, security orchestration, incident response workflow, SOC reporting, and best-of-breed security controls that are fully operationalized and automated. And our 24×7 CyberSOC monitoring service enables you to reduce workload without sacrificing visibility.

Penetration Testing

Test the Effectiveness of Your Security Protections

Whether you’ve built and deployed state of the art security protections or are just beginning to assess your security needs, the Penetration Testing Team at Critical Start can evaluate your security posture and determine how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious actors.

Security Tools Assessment

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Security Products

Gain in-depth insight to maximize your security infrastructure with a Security Tools Assessment from Critical Start. We’ll help you navigate and identify security products that work well together, and provide guidance on potential integration areas to help streamline your security operations process. Our approach includes a comprehensive review of your existing solutions with guidance on which products should be enhanced, added, or even removed from your infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Evaluate Your Defenses

How vulnerable is your organization to attacks? Today’s attackers employ a wide range of tactics to access critical data and wreak havoc on their target organizations. Threat scenarios that target the user, such as social engineering, susceptibility to malware, and web-based attacks, have the potential to provide the greatest return for attackers. Critical Start can help you identify the top threats to your organization and how to mitigate the associated risk.

Deployment Services: Next-Generation Firewall

Leverage Deep Expertise for NGFW Design, Configuration and Installation

Legacy firewall architectures and technologies are no longer effective against today’s network security threats. That’s why many organizations are choosing next-generation firewalls from industry leaders like Palo Alto Networks. When implemented properly, next-generation firewall (NGFW) technology offers an enhanced level of network security to prevent and defend your organization’s network. Critical Start can lead the design, installation and implementation of your Palo Alto Networks firewall to maximize its effectiveness.

Health Assessment: Next-Generation Firewall

Ensure Optimal Operation of Your Next-Generation Firewall

Your NGFW is a critical component of your security infrastructure and one of your most important cybersecurity investments, so it’s important to keep it running in top shape. Critical Start offers a comprehensive, proactive Health Assessment for your Palo Alto Networks firewall. We analyze the design and configuration for possible security exposures, plus make recommendations to ensure your system is fully optimized and aligned with your organization’s network security goals.

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