Phase 3

Phase 3


You are required to complete:


Click Here to schedule a kick-off meeting with CRITICALSTART. The estimated meeting duration is approximately 30 minutes. During this meeting, our CRITICALSTART team will discuss the following:

Kick-off Meeting Overview

  • Provide team introductions.
  • Collect additional stakeholder and contact information.
  • Discuss communication and file sharing. If you choose to provide your own file sharing product/service, accounts will need to be provisioned for specified CRITICALSTART team members to upload, download and modify documents. This may delay the availability of your Cylance agents.
  • Review project scope.
  • Review Cylance agent location for download.
  • Discuss MSSP/MSP project risks, license expiration dates and other deployment and timeline impacts.
  • Discuss next steps.


Within 2 hours after the kick-off meeting, you and your users will receive a OneLogin invite. Please note the OneLogin invite expires after 2 hours, for security reasons. If you are unable to create a password and multi-factor authentication, you will need to be reset.

OneLogin Setup Instructions

  • Setup a OneLogin Password within 2 hours of receiving your invitation, our you will need to request another invitation.
  • Setup Multi-factor authentication for security reasons.
  • Click here to download OneLogin Instructions


Deploy provided Cylance agents in your (MSSP/MSP) environment. After loading in your agents you can then work on downloading in your client’s environment. After deploying at least 10% of your Cylance agents, you are ready for you and your listed users to have ZTAP training.


You (MSSP/MSP) will need to email CRITICALSTART with you and your team’s availability for a ZTAP training session. Please provide training dates that are at least two business days after your request is sent. For example: If you send a request on Monday for ZTAP training, please provide dates and times for that coming Wednesday and later. 


CRITICALSTART provided an MDR Questionnaire earlier in the process that will need to be completed before finishing Phase 3. Once this form is completed, please notify your account manager via email, so that the project manager can prepare for the transition to Phase 4.

Your checklist
  • PHASE 1   Information Gathering
  • PHASE 2   Agreements Signed
  • PHASE 3   Onboarding
    • Schedule Kick-off Meeting
    • Setup OneLogin
    • Deploy Cylance Agents
    • Attend ZTAP Training
    • Complete MDR Questionnaire
  • PHASE 4   Tuning
  • PHASE 5   Go-Live / Active Monitoring
Having Trouble?

Email [email protected] to open a support ticket. Service support hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm, CST.