Phase 4 | Critical Start
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Phase 4


You are required to complete:


During Phase 4, your environment is moved to a tuning process within Zero-Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP). In tuning, our CYBERSOC analysts are learning your environment. While our team is working on your system, please take a minute to complete the following:

While you are waiting…

  • Attend training sessions for ZTAP and the MOBILESOC app
  • Attend regularly scheduled touchpoints with Project Management
  • If applicable, continue to deploy endpoint software in your environment
  • Respond to incidents in ZTAP and escalate back to our CRITICALSTART CYBERSOC analysts


Install MOBILESOC App (Optional)

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Your checklist
  • PHASE 1   Information Gathering
  • PHASE 2   Agreements Signed
  • PHASE 3   Onboarding
  • PHASE 4   Tuning
    • Continue Deployment
    • Communicate Within ZTAP
    • Download SOC Mobile App
  • PHASE 5   Production Monitoring
Having Trouble?

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