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Video Transcript:

Security breaches happen at the worst times. Hackers start their day as you’re ending yours, and every delay in communication increases attacker dwell time.

But, there is a solution.

Introducing CRITICALSTART‘s MOBILESOC, an iOS and Android app that goes beyond a simple ticketing app and makes it possible to detect, triage, and remediate every alert, no matter what time of day, or where you are.

When CRITICALSTART escalates an alert, you immediately receive the notification on your phone – not an email that gets buried and forgotten. You can then investigate and isolate the endpoint right from the app and stop an attack before it becomes a breach.

CRITICALSTART’s MOBILESOC allows full access to the same alert data seen by CRITICALSTART analysts including a timeline of all actions taken and access to your security tools through Threat Analytics Plugins, or TAPs.

Comments and escalation provide secure remote collaboration, audit logs, and next steps.

TAPs allows you to perform actions such as retrieving additional information on a threat, running a scan on the endpoint where the threat was detected, or isolating the endpoint from your network.

The MOBILESOC dashboards give your team actionable metrics on the performance of your tools.

Untether your analysts, reduce dwell time, and increase speed to resolution with “on-the-go” alert response from CRITICALSTART’s MOBILESOC.

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