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Managed Detection & Response(MDR)

Tired of your alerts controlling you?

Increase efficiency by 90% with CRITICALSTART’s MDR Services built with the only Zero-Trust Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR) Platform.

We’re flipping the traditional MDR model on its head. For our customers, that means an end to security alert overload. It means 100% transparency into your environment, so you see exactly what our analysts see. It means access to the only interactive MOBILESOC application, allowing decisions to be made in real time.

See how CRITICALSTART MDR Services can help your team.

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Zero-Trust Engine

Zero-Trust is the only option when it comes to Zero Tolerance.  CRITICALSTART’s model investigates all security alerts until they are classified as good or normal and are safely filtered out.  Customers experience a 99% reduction in alerts.

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Professional Services

At CRITICALSTART we start off with a conversation.  Tell us your story and share your pain points. Our Professional Services team stands ready to support you through every aspect of your security strategy.


Engage cybersecurity experts to develop a holistic security strategy that encompasses your unique business requirements.


Identify risks, document the effectiveness of existing controls and create a roadmap to improve your security posture.


Integrate technical solutions into your environment efficiently and effectively through a blended approach of deep product knowledge and implementation experience.

The Defendable Network

Every organization views the business impact of IT and risk differently. That’s why cybersecurity recommendations should be balanced against unique culture and business requirements. Developed by CRITICALSTART, The Defendable Network is a framework that aligns security improvement measures with an organization’s Security Readiness Condition (SECCON).


Building on a foundation of common sense, higher standards and a customer-driven focus, CRITICALSTART has experienced tremendous growth since our inception and built a strong reputation for innovation and excellence.