Cybersecurity Performance Management

Measure Key Operational Metrics to Continuously Improve Your Security Program

Gain Visibility Into Key Security Metrics

Continuously improve your security program and validate cybersecurity spending.

Using real-time data, you can take actions that consolidate visibility, reduce risk, and increase cyber awareness.

Daily pressure

Your team is under daily pressure to detect and respond to threats in a timely manner. But as a SecOps leader, a lack of information makes it challenging to understand your team’s performance, determine resource management, identify risks with existing security controls and measure improvement.

Measuring effectiveness

With 58% of organizations failing to adequately measure their cybersecurity program’s effectiveness,1 lack of visibility makes it difficult to explain its importance – especially to non-technical executives.

You need real-time insight into key metrics so you can articulate your security program’s value while still preventing breaches.

How Critical Start Helps You

Our managed detection and response (MDR) service brings together risk and operational metrics so you can clearly communicate how your security program influences business outcomes. You’ll also improve your team’s efficiency and productivity while simplifying resource management.

Inform decision making and set expectations

Leverage peer comparison insights and map security controls’ performance to industry frameworks to succinctly report on risk and set goals for security outcomes.

Continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness

MDR services should provide more than detection and response. Gain real-time visibility across your security program with operational metrics that can help illustrate bottom-line business impact.

Streamline operations

Executive and operational-level metrics provide a view into threat use case coverage and ensure better response to attacks.

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    Measure Key Operational Metrics to Continuously Improve Your Security Program

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