Rationalize Your Cybersecurity Spending

Prove the value of your Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services spend

Optimize Security Spend

Align your cybersecurity spend to business outcomes with actionable insights and meaningful metrics.

Cybersecurity is a business decision

Although it’s often not treated as one. An understanding of risk and an inability to articulate value in dollars and cents are contributing factors. In addition to security tools that fail to deliver visibility into security’s impact on business outcomes.

MDR is a key component

Modern use of real-time security metrics is leading a new frontier for creating business use-cases, and justifying existing security investment and additional budget. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services are a key component to programmatically measuring protection levels against risk and cost, and guiding investment decisions.

How Critical Start Helps You

Our MDR solution simplifies visibility into key security operation metrics which helps you articulate how your cybersecurity spend influences business outcomes. You’ll have 100% transparency into how we’re performing against contractual service level agreements and the necessary data to justify and drive security investment decisions.

Evolve how you measure and report security

Cybersecurity leaders struggle to formally track cybersecurity’s impact on business decisions and articulate the level of transparency to make them understandable.

Dynamic and interactive reporting of our services gives you an executive real-time view into how we are performing against contractual service level agreements.

Critical Start gives your executive team the data to understand how we are adding value to your existing SecOps program.

Inform decision-making

When you have the data you need to make smart business decisions, you can answer fundamental questions such as “Is my funding enough to meet our protection needs?  Do I need to hire more people?”

With deeper visibility into your security program’s performance, you’ll have the necessary information to align cybersecurity spend to business outcomes.

Measure levels of detection to reflect levels of protection for key business outcomes

Leverage outcome-driven data to explain security controls’ performance in covering against the latest adversaries.

Critical Start uses the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework as an industry standard for classifying and describing cyberattacks and intrusions.

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