Security Intelligence (SIEM - Network Monitoring)

Extend Detect and Response Capabilities Through Actionable Security Intelligence

An unavoidable truth of enterprise information security is that incidents and breeches will occur. While the ultimate goal of the security team is to avoid these incidents, a more realistic focus is to combine prevention with a solid plan for response. However, the reality is that most organizations cannot staff for chance incidents.

  • The complexity and personnel requirements of a traditional SIEM tool were high and the full value out of the products were not achieved.

  • Focusing primarily on compliance most SIEM environments are not monitoring the critical assets of an organization.

  • The avalanche of data feeds and false positive alerts prevented the successful use of reporting metrics.

  • The leading security event and incident management tools are evolving to provide increased situational awareness.

  • Critical Start’s knowledge of leading security intelligence platforms allows for successful deployments, performance optimization and integration with incident response procedures.

  • SIEM as a Service offerings allow for the configuration, tuning and management of a SIEM tool while all data remains onsite and owned by the customer.