Comprehensive services, solutions and capabilities  to develop and support your security strategy 

Common sense security

Sound security practice is an ongoing cycle of mitigating risk while adapting to the ever-evolving threat landscape. That’s why our common-sense approach to cybersecurity includes an A.A.I.M. approach: Assess, Advise, Implement, and Manage

We are laser focused on empowering our customers to strengthen their security posture. And we guide and support them through that process, while tailoring tools and guidance to their unique business and resource needs. 

Our recommendations are based on The Defendable Network, a framework we developed to demystify security standards and help organization apply the key controls that are most applicable to their individual risk appetite and budget.



First, we offer services to determine the effectiveness of current systems and controls, identifying what works, what’s lacking and what can be improved.


As experts who are passionate about this evolving industry, we are well equipped to help you navigate complex security programs. Guidance and roadmaps are often based on our assessments.

Implement New Icon


A smooth implementation process is key to any successful program. We deliver project management to shepherd the installation of new controls, policy set up and more.


The most effective cybersecurity strategy includes consistent, continuous monitoring and maintenance of the best-of-breed tools you select to protect your business. We deliver a full range of managed security services to reduce risk at a fraction of the expense of managing solutions in-house.


Penetration Testing
Red Team Testing
Security Tools Assessment
Risk Assessment
Vulnerability Scanning


Cloud Security Architecture
Incident Response Planning
GDPR Planning
Compliance Guidance
Malware Remediation
Security Analyst Training
Phishing Awareness Training


Endpoint Security
Next Generation Firewalls
Wireless Networking and Security
Authentication Policy Development


Managed Detection and Response
Managed Splunk (SIEM)
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
Cyber Exposure Risk Monitoring
IDS and Full Packet Capture
Vulnerability Management
Firewall Monitoring
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Managed DNS Firewall


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Critical Start is the fastest-growing cybersecurity integrator in North America. Our mission is simple: protect our customers’ brands and reduce their business risk. We do this for organizations of all sizes through our award-winning portfolio of end-to-end security services – from security-readiness assessments using our proven framework (the Defendable Network) to the delivery of managed detection and response, incident response, professional services, and product fulfillment. Critical Start has been named to the CRN 2018 Tech Elite 250 and top 100 Security MSPs lists.