Solution Validation

We believe organizations should acquire technology only to add security capability or to improve productivity.  Compliance may drive acquisition of new products, but this should be done in context of the overall security strategy.

To assist the evaluation process, Critical Start maintains a Solution Validation process to provide guidance on the Technical Fit.  This allows us to triage opportunities that require extra assistance by providing questions to QUICKLY determine the complexity of a project.  The benefits of this approach are:

  • Provide guidance on the Technical Fit (are the requirements straightforward, complex, or impossible)

  • Identifies technical gaps early, allowing the client to adjust resources and schedules to minimize impact of gaps.

  • Prevents client from spending time on projects that have a high risk of failure

  • Reduces post-sales issues

The Technical Fit gives the client an assessment of how closely a technology meets the required capabilities.  This will be used as an input for Solution Validation that also considers security impact, user/business process change, acquisition cost, implementation effort, and difficulty to maintain.

  • RED Technical Fit  is defined as the customer has critical requirements that are not offered and/or supported by RSA products

  • YELLOW Technical Fit is defined as an opportunity that requires substantial product customization and/or our product(s) partially meet important customer requirements

  • GREEN Technical Fit is an opportunity with minimum required capabilities that closely match the out of the box functionality of our products