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Gain data-rich visibility and comprehensive insight into your security environment

CRITICALSTART Managed SIEM Services for Splunk offer you comprehensive insights into your security environment while reducing alerts. You will be able to accelerate return on your Splunk SIEM investment, tighten your security strategy with deeper insights, and stop breaches.


Key Benefits of the Integration

Increase Your Security Efficacy Through Trust-Oriented MDR

Ingest all Splunk data – on-premise and cloud – across all users, devices, applications, and infrastructures for automatic resolution of known good through the Trusted Behavior Registry (TBR). With the TBR, focus shifts to unknown alerts for triage and quick resolution. With 24x7x365 monitoring, our highly skilled analysts work in a SOC 2 Type 2 certified Security Operations Center (SOC) to investigate, escalate, contain, and respond to threats – helping to significantly reduce attacker dwell time. CRITICALSTART allows limitless amounts of detection content in Splunk – no matter how much noise is generated. 

Deepen Your Available SIEM Expertise

The SIEM engineering team at CRITICALSTART has a collective 100+ years of experience managing over 50PB of data, including environments greater than 20PB in size. Team members have deployed SIEM in 50+ Fortune 500 companies and have experience across multiple industries and verticals.

CRITICALSTART Service Snapshot
  • Our Trusted Behavior Registry (TBR) makes it possible to resolve every alert. The TBR is a live catalog of ALL trusted behaviors ever established across the entire cloud-based platform that enables us to automatically resolve alerts that are considered known-good and can be safely trusted first – shifting focus to what is truly critical. A service that outperforms the traditional one-size- fits-all approach by adapting to the unique differences of each customer
  • Accelerate your production MDR deployment to weeks instead of months
  • 100% Transparency so you view the same data as CRITICALSTART SOC analysts
  • 24x7x365 Managed Detection and Response provided by highly experienced analysts and incident responders
  • Our certified consultants are experts in logging solutions, cloud infrastructure and event collection
  • Our MOBILESOC app allows you to investigate, escalate, comment on, respond to, and remediate security incidents from your iOS or Android device
Capability Comparison CRITICALSTART MDR + Splunk Arctic Wolf eSentire Secureworks
Cloud SIEM offering
Custom use cases
MDR platform with Trusted Behavior Registry that resolves 100% of alerts
Native iOS and Android applications for alert investigation, collaboration and response
Multi-tenant so client can have multiple organizations with N-level hierarchy
Privacy Sheild Certified
Manage and report on all alerts from SIEM and EDR in one platform
Review process available to customers providing transparent quality control for analyst investigations
Contractually guaranteed Service Level Agreement for Analyst Time to Detect (TTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) as compared to SLO
Alert notifications that include both security event data and full investigation details
Customer and vendor use same platform and see the same information for security event analysis (transparent view to all rules, comments, audit logs, and metrics)
Custom Indications of Attack (IOA) monitoring
24x7x365 monitoring, investigation and response by cybersecurity analysts
Advanced threat detection and hunting
Analysts have the ability to proactively respond to stop attacks (isolate, block, whitelist, etc.)
Managed policy tuning, and updating of agents
Optional Incident Response
SSAE 18 SOC 2 (TYPE 2) Certified