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Boost the Skills of Your Threat Hunting Team

Ongoing education and development of information security analysts and engineers is essential to maintain competitive skills against attackers. Critical Start’s instructor-led training courses provide insights to current threat scenarios, modern defensive techniques, and interaction with some of the latest tools.


What can you expect from Critical Start?

  • Interactive lessons, small class sizes, and hands-on lab activities
  • How-to instruction for performing threat hunting in your environment
  • Increased productivity for new security operations analysts with accelerated time to detection
  • Reusable training materials that supports train-the-trainer approach

Training Services

Security Analyst Development

Advanced Analyst Training

Malware Hunting with ETRD Tools

Security Operations Orchestration

Penetration Testing Skills and Techniques

Incident Response Simulation

Security Awareness for Users / Administrators / Executives

SIEM Use Case Development

Security Analyst Personnel Qualification Standards

This training program is designed to develop the technical skills and abilities of an information security analyst. The training program educates the analyst to not only understand attacks but to also analyze their nature, methods and threat actors involved. Empower your Security Analysts to combat targeted threats in real-time with strong incident response skills and a thorough understanding of the underlying technology of your tools.

Training Resource: CloudHarmonics

Critical Start and CloudHarmonics have partnered to provide training and educational resources for many of our technology partners. The training resources include introduction and awareness briefings as well as deep dives and certification prep for Blue Coat, Palo Alto Networks, VMWare and more. View course options and register.