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Cloud Security Consulting

Hyper-faceted expertise to secure complex hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Organizations are swiftly migrating to the cloud for agility, scale and cost-savings. As security and IT leaders navigate their transformation journey to complex hybrid multi-cloud environments, risks are everywhere. CRITICALSTART provides end-to-end cloud security strategy consulting to help you meet compliance standards and reduce risk by securing and optimizing your cloud environment as it dynamically evolves.

CRITICALSTART Cloud Security Consulting Services

  • Work with trusted cloud security experts to assess cloud readiness, identify and evaluate opportunities for improvement and create a cloud migration roadmap and strategy. Rely on insight and expertise that views security as an enabler of business.

  • Shrink risk through an audit of your cloud architecture designed to assess security vulnerabilities and gaps in cloud configuration.

  • Meet compliance standards and prevent the compromise of critical assets in the cloud.
  • Confidently migrate to a hybrid multi-cloud environment with services that help you create a centrally managed identity and access management model.

Why CRITICALSTART for Cloud Security Consulting

Trusted Experience

Work with cloud security experts you can trust to help you secure your cloud journey and align your cloud security strategy to your business objectives.

TEAMARES Expertise

Leverage this highly specialized unit within CRITICALSTART to evaluate your cloud security posture through a broad toolbox including vulnerability management, penetration testing and adversarial simulation testing.

White Glove Service

We customize our cloud security consulting services around your unique needs. How to best secure your business operations in a hybrid multi-cloud environment is our top priority.

How we do it

End-to-end cloud security consulting services that extend beyond technology to reduce risk.

Cloud Security Assessments

Our cloud security assessment services provide you insights on cloud readiness and they identify opportunities for maturity in your overall digital transformation approach. Assessment includes an evaluation of your existing cloud-based solutions like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Penetrating Testing, performed by the elite CRITICALSTART TEAMARES can evaluate your existing posture and determine how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious threats.

Tools Assessment & Support

We offer a complimentary Palo Alto Networks health check where we analyze the design and configuration for possible security exposures, plus make recommendations to ensure your system is fully optimized and aligned with best practices.

Cloud Identity & Risk Assessment

Whether your cloud-based provider service model is
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), we can help you migrate to a centrally managed identity and access management model in order to apply controls effectively across a hybrid environment.

Cloud Protection Services

Continuous consulting services are available to help you protect your environment as it evolves. Our Vulnerability Management Service identifies, classifies, prioritizes, remediates and mitigates vulnerabilities.

Cloud Governance, Security & Compliance

We review and assess your current compliance requirements to help you design cloud security governance policies and process frameworks against regulatory standards like NIST, CCPA, GDPR, PCI-DSS and HIPAA to name a few. Our team has decades of experience in implementing best practices around identity and access management, data protection and infrastructure security to ensure regulatory compliance.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Strategy Advisory

We enable organizations to modernize their IT infrastructure and applications through the design of cloud security architectures that ensure data and assets are safeguarded across the cloud. We can also help you develop a foundation across your business on how to operate in the cloud, including implementing proper controls around your DevOps application development and container security.


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