Managed Cyber Risk Reduction

The Next Evolution of MDR

Meet the next evolution of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) bringing together the most advanced cyber risk monitoring technology with a human-led risk and security operations team to help organizations achieve the greatest cyber risk reduction per dollar spent.

Don’t Fear Risk. Manage It.

Managed Cyber Risk Reduction Explained

Real time risk monitoring & response to threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

Managed Cyber Risk Reduction (MCRR) goes beyond traditional MDR by expanding Detect and Respond services to include Govern, Identify, Protect, and Recover capabilities.

Continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring with MCRR

MCRR empowers security and risk leaders with solutions that identify cyber risk quickly and continuously, and tie risk analysis into actions that demonstrate measurable improvement. It provides continuous cyber risk monitoring, paired with a human-led risk and security operations team, combined with over 12 years of award-winning MDR services.

  • Identify

    Identify and categorize critical asset inventory within the network that need protection from cyber threats. By understanding what needs to be protected, appropriate security measures can be implemented.
  • Protect

    Ensure key endpoint security controls are operating and effective. Verify security measures and protocols are functioning as intended in order to mitigate risk.
  • Detect

    Analyze events and activities within the network to identify any suspicious or untrusted behavior. With real-time monitoring and evaluation of alerts, potential threats or breaches are quickly identified and actioned on.
  • Respond

    When potential security incidents are identified, it is crucial to respond promptly and contain the situation to prevent further damage. This includes isolating affected systems, removing malicious code or blocking unauthorized access.
  • Recover

    Get back on track swiftly in the event of a business disruption, ensure restore capabilities are in place to recover systems and business operations.
  • Govern

    Establish and monitor your company’s cybersecurity risk with peer benchmarked framework aligned risk assessments, risk-ranked recommendations, and evidence based cyber risk reporting.

    The Benefits of MCRR

    Address Controls & Signals Coverage Gaps

    MDR and SOCs are only as good as the signals they receive. MCRR uncovers gaps in EDR, SIEM, and XDR controls coverage, ensuring the security operations center (SOC) receives expected signals.

    Risk-Informed Decision Making

    MCRR helps you intelligently align risk acceptance with your organization’s risk appetite, enabling informed decision-making based on the security investments that have the largest reduction impact.

    Benchmark Security Maturity

    Know organizational security maturity in comparison to industry peer organizations, aligned to industry frameworks like National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF).

    Identify Assets Requiring Protection

    Understand what assets need protection to ensure the appropriate security measures can be implemented.

    Measurable Program Improvements

    Confidentially demonstrate measurable security improvements over time to see your advancements and the impact of organizational investments. 

    Expert Risk Mitigation & Guidance

    With MCRR, you have an experienced risk and security operations team by your side and at your service to respond to threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

    Experience MCRR In Action

    Know Your Security Maturity

    Proactively understand your cyber maturity and risk levels through framework-based risk assessments. Consolidate cyber risk assessments conducted by third-parties and self-assessment for management in one portal.

    Safeguarding Your Valuable Assets

    Through continuous monitoring, we categorize your assets for you from “stable and flexible” to “unaware or lacking resources”. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every valuable element in your system receives the safeguarding it truly deserves.

    Rapid Response to Contain Potential Incidents

    When we detect potential security issues, we act promptly to control the situation by isolating affected systems, removing harmful code, and blocking unauthorized access using agreed-upon service level agreements (SLA). Our goal is to minimize the time these incidents can linger, reducing risk exposure.

    Cyber Risk-Ranked Recommendations

    Empower your organization with a risk-ranked list of actions, personalized recommendations, and dedicated support. Maximize your cyber risk reduction per dollar invested and confidently address the biggest risks with precision and effectiveness.

    Incident Containment From Your Phone

    Shrink Attacker Dwell Time and Simplify Workflows with On-the-Go MDR

    Through this iOS and Android app, we go beyond ticketing and instant notifications, giving you the ability to action incidents immediately.

    Instant Notifications
    Never miss an event again with instant notifications on your homescreen!
    Break the Tether

    Communicate directly from anywhere with CRITICALSTART SOC analysts for remote collaboration, workflow and response.

    Complete Transparency

    Break free from the limitations of traditional security solutions. Our app provides 100% transparency, ensuring that you never miss a critical event.

    Enhance Collaboration in Real-Time

    Enjoy seamless communication and collaboration with Critical Start Risk and Security Operations Center (RSOC) analysts from anywhere. Experience real-time collaboration, prompt incident response, and proactive threat mitigation.

    Gain Comprehensive Visibility

    See everything that Critical Start analysts see. Our mobile app allows you to access the full alert data and a timeline of actions taken providing you with a comprehensive understanding of potential threats.

    Triage, Escalate, and Isolate with Ease

    Our mobile-first approach revolutionizes incident management. Beyond simple ticketing, access all the necessary security tools through Threat Analytics Plugins (TAPS).



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      Made Our Decision Easy. Nice To Not Have Alert Fatigue

      “From the beginning introduction, through the product demo, to the final install everything went smooth. The service provided was first class. Extremely easy to work with and provided the necessary outcome.”
    • Gartner Peer Insights

      Critical Start – A Great Addition To Your Security Team

      “Critical Start provides 24/7 SOC coverage at a fraction of the cost of providing this in-house. Their web platform and mobile application make it rather simple to work with their team and the alerts that automation have not been able to clear.”
    • Gartner Peer Insights

      Everyone Should Have A Managed Detection and Response Service

      “I think everyone should have a Managed Detection and Response service if they don’t have someone there who is an expert or if you can’t have eyes 24×7.”

      Gary Szatkowski, IT Director
      Hackley Community Care Center

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