Critical Start MSSP

Zero Trust MSSP

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Coverage

Critical Start provides an effective, fully managed cybersecurity operations center complete with security event management, security orchestration, incident response workflow, SOC reporting, and best-of-breed security controls that are fully operationalized and automated.

Manage Incidents On the Go.

Critical Start has revolutionized the interaction model between managed security services provider (MSSP) and customer. No need to be "chained to a desktop" to stay informed and active in your organization's security operations. Now you can investigate, escalate, and remediate security incidents from anywhere using the Mobile SOC app, only available from Critical Start.

Bring On the Noise.

Some MSSPs turn off logs or lower alert thresholds to limit incident "noise." But these tactics also limit visibility. At Critical Start, we can handle the noise without overwhelming our customers or missing critical events. Our orchestration model accepts all your data, then sorts, categorizes, and eliminates security events so that only unknown or anomalous events are produced. The result? Security monitoring that's more efficient, effective and comprehensive.

There Are No Good Threats.

Powered by an advanced Alert Classification Engine, Critical Start’s unique approach to MSSP uses a “Zero Trust” security model to boost the effectiveness of our threat hunting. Rather than assuming any events are known good, our Zero Trust approach assumes every unknown or uncategorized security event is considered anomalous and should be investigated.

Your Security. Your Rules.

One size doesn't fit all. Critical Start uses an advanced event orchestration model, which enables us to tune and adjust our MSSP tools to adapt to customer networks and environment and in turn reduce the number of false positives. Thanks to our Cloud-First approach, we can tailor our deployment architecture, maintenance, updates and configurations to suit individual customer needs.

Knowledge. Multiplied.

We view every incident as an opportunity to use supervised learning to improve baselines. Our cloud-based multi-tenant system uses crowd sourcing that enables us to share common alert classification data across the systems we monitor. This approach creates a network effect, multiplying knowledge, machine learning and ultimately, security effectiveness.

You See What We See.

The Critical Start MSSP process is completely transparent to our customers. You have access to the same consoles, dashboards and reports as our analysts. No smoke and mirrors or hidden, magic codes behind the curtain. See your security solutions at work, anytime, anywhere.

Why Critical Start MSSP?

Cloud SOC

Critical Start MSSP is deliberately built with a cloud-based architecture. By leveraging the cloud, we can offer maximum speed and agility, as well as maintain our distance from your on-prem systems, ensuring our security monitoring activities do not interfere with your day-to-day operations.

Expert Staff

We’ve staffed our SOC with the best in the business. Serving as an extension of your security team, our SOC is operated by a skilled, highly trained team of security analysts who perform 90% of incident investigations. This process enables us to significantly reduce the number of incidents we escalate to you.

Best-of-Breed Tools

 Our MSSP technology stack includes solutions for SIEM, endpoint detection and response, network security and vulnerability management. For maximum flexibility, our approach enables us to change and adapt to new or different technologies, as market and customer needs evolve.

Ready to Experience a New Standard for MSSP?

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