CRITICALSTART® Vulnerability Management Services

Relieve the burden of vulnerability management and set your security and operational teams up for success.

Risk-based Vulnerability Management Starts Here

Critical Start’s Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) delivers predictable vulnerability scanning, expert contextual analysis, and prescriptive patch lists.

Make sound, data-driven remediation decisions that reduce risk to your organization without overextending your team or your budget.

Stop Guessing and Start Patching

Overwhelmed by volumes of vulnerability scanner data, CVSS scores that all read “critical”, and scanner profiles that don’t keep pace with your IT operational landscape? Do you feel like you can’t get ahead of cyber risks? You’re not alone.

With the Critical Start Vulnerability Management Service, you don’t just find out what assets are vulnerable – you get:

  • Prescriptive lists of patches to use to fix your systems,
  • Communicated through your workflows and tools,
  • Delivered on a schedule that fits your organization’s needs and risk reduction priorities.

A Continuous Cycle of Cyber Risk Reduction


Select from service tiers that are designed with organizational requirements in mind.

Repeatable and Transparent

Set your schedule for vulnerability scans and deliver results directly to stakeholders through your workflows and ticketing tools.

Cost Effective

Gain immediate access to subject matter experts who manage your vulnerability management program at a fraction of the cost of MSSPs or large, internal teams.


Support regulatory certification and compliance for PCI-DSS, SOC2, HIPAA, NIST CSF, and more.


Uncover risks and gain visibility into threats across network environments, end-users, and cloud assets with regular and ad-hoc vulnerability scans and 24x7x365 continuous monitoring.


Turn threat and vulnerability data into actionable intelligence that helps you eliminate attack vectors and accelerate remediation.

Vulnerability Management Delivered by Risk Reduction Experts

  • Turnkey Vulnerability Management

    Enhance your security team’s productivity with continuous vulnerability monitoring, scans, fixes, and patch management.

    Critical Start’s Vulnerability Management Service is more than just vulnerability scanner licensing, setup, and configuration. You gain continuous operational monitoring, scheduled vulnerability scanning and analysis, break/fix identification and remediation, and a comprehensive list of patches for effective remediation that reduces risk. 

    • Receive a best-in-class scanning tool subscription as part of your managed service.
    • Receive asset discovery reports that determine which hosts and assets require vulnerability scans.
    • Gain both external and internal scanning options to ensure comprehensive coverage.
    • Scan across diverse operating environments with lightweight agents and remote scanning options.
    • Set your schedule for fully managed scans conducted by Critical Start expert analysts, and request ad-hoc scans when issues arise.


  • Know exactly what to fix

    Simplify patch recommendations for IT teams and reducing risk through clear communication.

    Your Critical Start team relies on best-in-class tools, multi-vector threat intelligence, and deep threat landscape expertise to make sound recommendations on vulnerability management and patch recommendations. Additionally, VMS can tie directly into organizational ticketing systems to automate communications for fast fixes and simplified remediation tracking.

    • Trust that vulnerability reports reflect complete coverage of your environment.
    • Receive a list of patches that should be applied to maximize risk reduction potential.
    • Integrate with ticketing tools and automate communication so that IT operations teams and application owners are automatically informed of vulnerabilities and patches.
  • Continuously reduce risk — and prove it

    Reduce risk and have the data to demonstrate the full value of your investment.

    Once you’re up and running with Critical Start, we’ll ensure your vulnerability scans keep you ahead of threats, and that your dashboards and reports help you clearly measure and articulate your progress. You’ll see tangible risk reduction, with continuous operational monitoring, rich reporting and customizable dashboards, timely alerts to critical vulnerabilities and exploits, and expert analysis that leverages multi-vector intelligence feeds. Then, you can take risk reduction another step further, with peer-benchmarked Quick Start Risk Assessments.

    • Keep up with rapidly changing operating environments automatically.
    • Receive regular Cyber Risk Reviews to determine program effectiveness and highlight areas for improvement.
    • Proactively protect against weaponized vulnerabilities and zero-day events.
    • Conduct Quick Start Risk Assessments and compare against industry peer data for a deeper look at how your organization can improve security.
    • Expand into more comprehensive risk reduction tools and services as your organization grows or your needs change.

Our difference is in the data

A Vulnerability Management program is only as good as the intelligence behind the analysis. And your response is only as good as the data you get out. Our expert analysts go well beyond CVSS scores to give you comprehensive, contextualized information that keeps the focus on risk reduction. Your analysis is contextualized based on your unique business needs and reviewed by our threat intelligence experts. 

Asset Awareness

Understand your IT landscape through the lens of risk reduction. Your vulnerability assessment shows you:

  • Contextual analysis of your networked assets
  • Unknown assets and rogue devices
  • A list of all assets that should be in scope for your vulnerability scans
Threat Intelligence

Gain insight into the threat intelligence behind the vulnerabilities and understand potential vulnerability impact based on:

  • Active exploitation
  • Weaponization
  • CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV)
Vulnerability Dashboards

Quickly visualize not just the vulnerabilities affecting your organization but also the latest threats and major patching guidelines with dashboards for:

  • Standard data analysis
  • Patch Tuesdays
  • Emerging threats and zero-day events
  • Custom vulnerability data points that are critical to your organization’s security strategy
Multi-level Reporting

Reporting is a cornerstone of vulnerability management communications. Keep your stakeholders informed of your progress and give leadership the data to make informed decisions, with multi-level reporting that includes:

  • Executive reports that provide security trends and impact summaries
  • Technical reports with detailed vulnerability descriptions and recommended solutions
  • Patch Catalogs that identify missing patches on hosts and provide required information for patching, including vendor-specific/third-party patches

How Critical Start’s Vulnerability Management Service Works

  • Know What You Have

    Start with a full asset discovery and assessment: 

    • Aggregate and normalize asset data based on your tools and feeds
    • Automatically determine asset criticality based on risk
    • Know exactly which assets need vulnerability scanning and whitelist those that don’t
  • Configure for Success

    We’ll help you set up custom scan configurations and ensure full operational readiness:

    • Scanner license included if needed
    • We configure scan profiles, schedules, agents, and agentless operations based on your needs
  • Start Scanning

    We’ll conduct regular scans and provide the means for self-scanning:

    • Choose from fully-managed or self-service scans based on the selected service tier
    • All scan results are analyzed by Critical Start’s expert security operations team
  • Communicate and Remediate

    Understand and articulate exactly how your remediations reduce risk:

    • Get a list of prescriptive patch recommendations
    • Communicate with IT Operations and application owners automatically through your workflows
    • Provide detailed reports to show the risk-reduction value of your vulnerability management program
  • Continuously Improve

    Ensure the operational health of your vulnerability scans, catch zero-day vulnerabilities, and thwart active exploits:

    • We catch broken jobs, failed authentication, and misconfigurations before they impact scan results
    • Our threat intelligence and expert analysis go beyond what’s provided by scanning tools to ensure rapid response to changing threats that pose risk to your organization

    Be ready for anything

    Just knowing about and fixing vulnerabilities isn’t enough — you need to be ready to respond in the event of an incident.

    As part of your Vulnerability Management Service, we proactively identify incidents and notify you within minutes of detection. You can take advantage of a wide array of additional professional services from our Cyber Incident Response Team, including incident response, threat hunting, forensic investigation, and much more.

    Choose your Vulnerability Management Service Level

    We know that organizations have varying needs when it comes to vulnerability scan configurations, scan frequencies, and reporting. That’s why we offer two tiers to choose from. Regardless of which tier you chose, you get fast onboarding, continuous operational monitoring, rich reporting and dashboards, risk-based vulnerability management, and 24x7x365 ongoing support.

    If you have a small to medium sized network and you need…

    • A vulnerability management service to augment staff/offload work
    • A vulnerability management solution for compliance
    • Improved metrics around vulnerability management that demonstrate risk reduction
    • To reduce costs by consolidating MDR and VMS vendor

    Then Vulnerability Management Standard is for you.

    If you have a larger network and/or you also need…  

    • Advanced/additional custom reporting and/or dashboards
    • Additional custom scan configurations
    • More frequent scanning/cyber risk review sessions
    • ServiceNow integration
    • Vulnerability Prioritization

    Then you’ll want Vulnerability Management Enterprise.

    Part of the Managed Cyber Risk Reduction (MCRR) Framework

    Reduce even more risk with end-to-end visibility of your security operations

    Critical Start’s cloud-native Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ platform is the industry’s only technology combining cyber risk monitoring, posture and event analytics, and response orchestration in one platform. The platform provides 24x7x365 visibility into proactive and reactive security, reducing risk through continuous monitoring and expert guidance.

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