MDR Services for SIEM Tools

Breach prevention with SIEM – simplified

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) implementations are complex. To gain the most value from your SIEM implementation, you have to make choices about what data to ingest and apply the right detections to that data for threat detection-specific use cases. Critical Start MDR Services for SIEM simplifies this process by prioritizing data based on what we have observed with other customers and MITRE ATT&CK® Framework coverage, then our trust-oriented approach to MDR eliminates false positives at scale to streamline the investigation and response process. Using this method, we escalate less than 0.01% of alerts and reduce alert volumes by more than 99%, dramatically decreasing the time your team must spend investigating and responding to alerts.

Benefits of Critical Start MDR Services for SIEM

Accelerate the return on your SIEM investment

Not all log sources are equal. Our experts help you prioritize data to be ingested to drive threat detection and enrich content needed for investigations.

Reduce the noise

We ingest your highest-value data sources into our Zero Trust Analytics Platform™ (ZTAP™), which looks for known good behaviors and then sends all potentially threatening alerts to our SOC analysts for further investigation. This means you see fewer false positives over time, boosting your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Improve your security posture

We continuously validate your MITRE ATT&CK® Framework coverage so you can add data sources as needed to address new security initiatives.

Increase SOC efficiency and productivity

We do all the heavy lifting for you with the combination of our  ZTAP and seasoned security operations center (SOC) and Threat Detection Engineering teams.

Integration with the leading security tools

Our MDR services integrate with SIEM tools from the following vendors:

How we work with you

We’re with you every step of the way – from onboarding through maturity. 

  • Onboard: We use a proven process to get you up and running on our MDR services as fast as possible. You will begin to realize value in a matter of days.

  • Personalize: Onboarding is just the beginning. We continue to add value to your implementation by helping you prioritize your SIEM data sources and creating playbooks adapted to your environment to reduce false positives.

    The total onboarding/personalizing process normally takes 4-6 weeks, depending on the SIEM tool you’re using.

  • Investigate and Resolve: Our ZTAP seamlessly integrates with your SIEM platform to automate the investigation and triage of every alert across users, devices, applications and infrastructure.

    After you’re up and running, our seasoned security analysts will monitor your environment 24x7x365 for potential threats. You can expect an approximately 90% reduction in false positives on the first day of production monitoring.

    Your named Customer Success Manager will check in with you regularly to make sure that, as your company evolves and changes, our services are still meeting your needs.

  • Mature: Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize the full operating potential of SIEM for threat detection. We want to help you get the most out of your SIEM services, so we’re with you every step of the way to verify coverage and add more data sources as your business changes, such as cloud migration, bring your own device (BYOD) and multi-factor authentication.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our SOC is made up of cybersecurity experts working 24x7x365 to simplify your cybersecurity operations.

  • Guaranteed one-hour SLAs for Time-to-Detection (TTD) and Median Time-to-Resolution (MTTR) on every alert

  • 300+ hours of training for new analysts, and all analysts receive an additional 60-80 hours annually

  • 100% transparency and visibility into every action we take – we don’t hide anything

Respond to threats faster with MOBILESOC®

Reduce attacker dwell time  ̶  even when you’re on the go  ̶  with MobileSOC, our mobile app for iOS and Android. It goes far beyond ticketing and notifications by letting you triage and respond to alerts, so you never miss an event.

Introducing Critical Start Managed SIEM

Critical Start Managed SIEM is now available to help you alleviate the headaches of managing your own SIEM. Let us provide the services you need to reach security maturity.

  • Datasheet

    MDR for SIEM

    Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services for SIEM simplify the complexity of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools and help you get the most out of your SIEM investment.

  • Buyer’s Guide

    Guide to MDR Services for SIEM

    Consider this your guide to navigating the intricacies of implementing MDR Services for SIEM so you can accelerate the return on your SIEM investment and ensure the end-to-end security coverage you need to prevent breaches.

  • Solution Overview

    MDR for SIEM

    Critical Start MDR for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integrates our trust-oriented approach to MDR with leading SIEM platforms to help customers achieve the full operating potential of their SIEM investments for the most effective threat detection.

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