Cyber Research Unit (CRU)

Protecting our customers through proactive threat intelligence and comprehensive cyber defense capabilities

Up-to-the-minute cyber threat intelligence and threat detection capabilities

Do you need a straightforward view of what’s happening across the threat landscape, including assessments of newly exploited vulnerabilities, industries, organizations or specific technologies targeted, and new and trending malware?

Critical Start’s Cyber Research Unit (CRU) is specifically designed to assist security professionals in establishing robust Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) capabilities. By offering contextual, evidence-based guidance, including actionable advice tailored to your environment, vertical, and operational scope, the CRU equips your organization with the necessary tools to fortify defenses, mitigate risks, and proactively stay ahead of emerging cyber threats. 

Visit our Intelligence Hub to stay up to date on the latest vulnerabilities and breaches being tracked by the Cyber Research Unit. 

CRU services included in your MDR program

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

    • Gathering intelligence from diverse sources like Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), commercial databases, and dark web monitoring
    • Collaborating with our Cyber Operations Risk & Response platform and our Risk & Security Operations Center (RSOC) analysts to provide you with integrated threat intelligence and response
  • Threat Research

    • Providing you access to in-depth analysis of emerging threats and their implications
    • Giving you actionable insights and strategic recommendations to fortify defenses
  • Detection Development and Product Enrichment

    • Developing advanced detection mechanisms based on the latest threat intelligence
    • Continuously updating and refining detection strategies for your EDR, XDR, and SIEM security tools based on the latest threat intelligence to respond to evolving cyber threats

Say “hello” to your new tactical advantage

Critical Start now offers an add-on Managed Threat Intelligence (MTI) service designed to fortify an organization’s defense posture against an evolving threat landscape.

Organizations looking for additional actionable insights and expert guidance to effectively manage risk and mitigate threats can amplify their level of in-depth insight with the dedicated threat intelligence now provided through our three MTI pillars of Premium Intelligence, Dark Web Monitoring, and Specialized Requests for Intelligence.

Premium Intelligence

Access unmatched cyber insights, in-depth analysis, and collaborative research to ensure you remain informed and stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Dark Web Monitoring

Get proactive cyber defense through comprehensive dark web surveillance that focuses on identifying and reporting leaked data, emerging malware, and malicious activities.

Specialized Requests for Intelligence (RFIs)

Leverage expert consultations to interpret data and formulate response strategies when you have specific questions or need additional insights.

How MTI helps you stay one step ahead of risk 

  • Enriches defenses through deep cyber landscape monitoring, translating emerging threats into security guidance to stay ahead of risks

  • Accelerates response to compromised accounts, leaked credentials, vulnerabilities exposures, and other dark web
    threats to prevent exploitation

  • Provides comprehensive digital asset surveillance assessing threats in covert spaces like hacking forums and messenger channels

  • Delivers fully customized intelligence, spanning foundational monitoring to elite investigation research and analysis based on needs

  • Equips security leaders with strategic recommendations and timely advisories to proactively navigate threats

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