Increase detection coverage for users, cloud and applications 

CRITICALSTART® Managed XDR: Threat-centric visibility without a third-party SIEM 

When your log data grows exponentially, making it challenging to correlate events, manage triage times, and identify business impacts, it’s time for a better solution.  

The Critical Start Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution blends the capabilities of our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service with the convenience of a cloud-based platform to effortlessly ingest log sources for XDR use cases and increase attack detection coverage as measured by the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework.   

Stay ahead of threats, mitigate cyber-threat risk, and focus on your core business with our streamlined process for collecting, storing, indexing, and searching disparate security-relevant log sources.   

Discover valuable insights from disparate security sources 

Simplify log source management

Rapidly onboard hundreds of logs sources, filter large amounts of security data and prioritize security alerts for better visibility and increased efficiency 

Fortify security posture

Enhance security coverage across user, cloud, applications and network infrastructure to thwart and mitigate threats and focus on your core business while our team of experts handles the complex task of detecting and responding to potential threats in real-time 

Address security needs more efficiently

Measurably reduce cyber-threat risk and manage costs with predictable flat-rate, per-user pricing  

Big or small, every business deserves constant threat protection and measurable risk reduction. 

Now you can swiftly onboard numerous log sources and reap the full benefits of our MDR service without the hassle of purchasing, owning, or managing a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. 

Enhance Visibility

Maximize the effectiveness of your existing log sources by unifying disparate systems and aggregating log files in one place for a more comprehensive and proactive approach to security, increasing visibility without compromising transparency. 

Streamline Security Management 

Consolidate security vendors and products to efficiently manage risk and improve security operations productivity with a more unified and efficient approach to prevent, detect and respond to threats. 

Address Security Gaps 

Compliment your MDR for Endpoint Security (EDR/EPP) deployments with deeper threat detection across user, cloud, applications, and network infrastructure. 

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    Outsmarting Cyber Threats: The Roadrunner Approach to Cybersecurity with Managed XDR

    Increase visibility and threat detection across user, cloud, applications, and network infrastructure when you rapidly onboard hundreds of security-relevant log sources and reap the full benefits of our MDR service without the hassle of purchasing, owning, or managing a SIEM system.

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