Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Risk sucks, and you don’t need to take it anymore. Stop accepting risk when you can work with CRITICALSTART Managed Detection and Response services that integrate with industry leading EDR and SIEM technologies to quickly detect every event, resolve every alert and respond to breaches.

What is Managed Detection and Response?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provide remotely delivered and managed security operations capabilities to quickly detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats. But there are three pillars, unique to CRITICALSTART, that make it possible to resolve alerts quickly and reduce attacker dwell time in your environment for complete endpoint protection.


Our trust-oriented approach leverages the Zero Trust Analytics Platform™ (ZTAP™) platform to collect, understand, and resolve every alert. Our Trusted Behavior Registry™ (TBR) reduces false positives by enabling us to auto-resolve false positives – the largest volume of alerts – at scale. And, ZTAP strengthens our investigation of unknown alerts to ensure the escalation of the alerts that really require the attention of your security team.


Fully triage and contain alerts from anywhere. Collaborate with CRITICALSTART analysts in near real-time from within our iOS and Android mobile app. Review their analysis and corrective measures and take your own direct action immediately with information gathered in our platform to reduce attacker dwell time.

Cyber Research Unit (CRU)

Leave it to us to manage detection content and stay ahead of the latest threats.

Leverage the expertise and threat intelligence of the CRITICALSTART Cyber Research Unit (CRU) to enhance your security tools’ out-of-the-box capabilities so you can detect and respond to more attacks, more quickly.

The Human Element

As your MDR service provider, we deliver 24x7x365 human-led end-to-end monitoring, investigation and remediation of alerts. This includes a dedicated customer success manager for continued optimization of your MDR service. Our Customer Success Team works with you on an ongoing basis to learn your security needs so that we can optimize your services and security tools for optimal threat detection and response.

Our approach

We adapt to the unique processes and requirements of your business, so you can leverage a trust-oriented Managed Detection and Response approach that eliminates false positives at scale. We provide full transparency and on-the-go visibility into your service via MOBILESOC, and 24x7x365 human-led end-to-end monitoring, investigation and remediation of alerts. Our strong security posture is how we help our customers break from past alternatives such as “good enough” cybersecurity and “services that suck.” Unlike our competitors, we “unprioritize.” In other words, we believe that every security event begins as equal.

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managed detection and response


Eliminate Alert Fatigue

While others are overloaded with the bad, we focus on finding the good. We want to find false positives that tell us what is normal behavior for your organization or a specific application. The TBR within ZTAP is built to resolve all alerts; a false positive comes into the TBR and will be solved if it is known as good. That’s because it’s behavior that was seen before by a human.

Say “No” to Risk

We eliminate risk acceptance from security monitoring. No more managed service contracts that require you to accept risk for low or medium alerts. Our MDR platform—ZTAP—combined with the expertise of our security analysts, enables us to resolve every alert and accept that risk for you.

Say “Yes” to ROI

You see what we see—and we actually mean that. You have complete visibility into your security services, including every alert with full investigation details, every action taken, and all of it audited and reportable. Beyond visibility into the service, we provide contractual Service Licensing Agreements (SLA)s for Time to Detect and Median Time to Resolution.


    The importance of resolving all alerts – RAGNARLOCKBIT

    CRITICALSTART, powered by ZTAP and the TBR is the only MDR service that scales to resolve every alert, stop breaches, and reduce risk acceptance.


    Relieve alert fatigue & stop accepting risk

    Organizations can’t afford to ignore security events – even lower level security events, which is where many breaches and attacks occur.


    MDR Buyers Guide

    In this paper, you will learn how it provides far better visibility into threats and enables an active, real-time response to mitigate any impact.

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    You deserve smarter MDR.

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