Cyber Incident Response Team


Effectively Minimize the Impact of Cyberattacks

When you experience a breach, our Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) takes action immediately to minimize the impact on your business.

We also proactively work with you to understand your preparedness with Incident Response (IR) readiness services including full security incident and compromise scoping, triage, investigation, containment, eradication, remediation, and recovery to help you build a robust incident response plan. Our Incident Response retainers offer several options of service hours to give you peace of mind and confidence that you have a plan in place to deal with cyberattacks.

Common threats our CIRT handles

  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

  • Business Email Compromise

  • Insider Threats

  • Third-Party and Vendor Risks

  • Web Application Attacks and Password Theft

  • Malware, Command and Control, Ransomware

cybersecurity incident response

Incident Response Team (CIRT) Services

  • Reactive emergency response and proactive incident readiness services
  • Proactive Planning & Strategy—a customer-focused approach to ensure organizational readiness

  • IR retainers—several options for as-needed service hours

  • Digital forensics investigations (PCI-DSS) available for highly sensitive investigations

Stellar Experience

Our team is comprised of professionals who have more than 70 years of collective experience in digital forensics for federal law enforcement, the Department of Defense, intelligence agencies and the private sector. Our forensic examiners have testified as expert witnesses in federal court.

Project-based Pricing

Our simple and cost-effective packages include one flat price for total team hours, regardless of how many different team members work on the project.

Flexible Service Options

Our Incident Response retainers offer the flexibility to access experts for emergency response or for incident readiness services to help you prepare for an imminent event.

24x7x365 Response

Minimize risk, reduce exposure, and preserve evidence as our team coordinates and responds quickly—critical to stopping a breach.

Ready Where You Need Us

With both onsite and remote capabilities, we have the agility to mitigate breaches quickly.

PCI-DSS Forensic Investigation

We offer on-demand forensic investigators experienced in PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and other protected data governance standards, including ISO, NIST CSF.

Value-Added Protection

Our Incident Response engagements include thirty days of endpoint monitoring using our Zero-Trust Analytics Platform® (ZTAP®) to help identify, contain, and remediate threats.

Who we are

Our CIRT is strengthened by highly specialized education, training, and real-world experience:

  • Advanced degrees in Digital Forensics, Computer Science and Criminology
  • More than 35 collective certification credentials, including Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) Certified Forensic Examiner, Certified Enterprise Defender, and Certified Incident Handler
  • Experience in providing cybersecurity services to Department of Defense and other Three Letter Agencies (TLAs) while serving in our U.S. military and as civilian contractors
  • Close relationships with TLAs that allow the team to stay abreast of current threat actor groups and their operations
  • Quickcard

    CIRT Services

    Our experienced professionals extend your team, not attacker dwell time, with robust IR and forensic services.



    Critical Start Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CIRT) are two distinct cybersecurity disciplines addressing two different use cases. They are complementary services that increase the capabilities we deliver to our clients.


    Manufacturer Stops Breach Cold, Thanks to Critical Start Incident Response Services

    When the COVID-19 pandemic began, this company kept its distribution center in operation but shifted 85-90% of its office staff to remote work to ensure product continued to reach customers and exceed their expectations. This move to remote work brought with it a new set of challenges.

    IR and MDR

    Combine an IR retainer with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. 

    Critical Start Managed Detection and Response services provide 24x7x365 SOC expertise and integrations with industry leading EDR, SIEM, and XDR technologies to quickly detect every event, resolve every alert and respond to breaches. MDR excels in protecting customer data, stopping ransomware in its tracks, and optimizing your existing security investments.

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