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IT environments and the security controls designed to protect them are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, attackers are gaining easier access to tools and resources that cause harm and havoc. Many organizations lack the staff and budget resources to monitor and manage their systems to effectively identify and contain threats. A managed security service provider can significantly enhance your ability to reduce risk and keep your assets secure around the clock.

At Critical Start, our cloud-based, fully managed security operations center (SOC) was designed to leverage the most advanced capabilities to maximize threat detection and prevention, while streamlining the MSSP experience for our customers. Our managed services offer fewer escalated alerts, more comprehensive monitoring, and a convenient mobile interaction model, plus:

  • Security Event Management
  • Security Orchestration
  • Incident Response and Workflow
  • SOC Reporting
  • Fully Operationalized and Automated Security Controls

reduce your alerts,

not your security

Critical Start MSSP uses advanced event orchestration to categorize and filter all of your security events. Our alert classification process ultimately reduces Tier 1 incidents by 99.9%. We only escalate incidents that require proprietary review or action, saving you time without sacrificing coverage.

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Critical Start has revolutionized the interaction model between managed security services provider and customer. Now you can investigate, escalate, and remediate security incidents from anywhere using the Mobile SOC™ app for Apple and Android.


Attackers are relentless. We are too. Critical Start’s CyberSOC is staffed around the clock with highly trained analysts who investigate 100% of alerts. It’s not enough to just detect a threat. Our CyberSOC team will take immediate action to contain an attack in progress.


Critical Start delivers managed security services to fit your needs and budget.

Manage, Detect & Respond


Managed Splunk (SIEM)

Managed Threat Hunting

Vulnerability Management

Cyberexposure Risk Monitoring

IDS & Full Packet Capture

DNS Firewall

Firewall Monitoring

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Cloud Infrastructure Security

24x7 CyberSOC


Tailored Solution

Your security, your rules. Our advanced event orchestration model enables us to tune and adjust our managed security tools to adapt to individual customer environments, reducing the number of false positives. And since we operate in the cloud, we can also tailor our deployment architecture, maintenance, updates and configurations to suit customer needs.

Transparent Operations

You see what we see. The Critical Start MSSP process is completely transparent to our customers. You have access to the same consoles, dashboards and reports as our analysts. No smoke and mirrors or hidden, magic codes behind the curtain. See your security solutions at work, anytime, anywhere.

Expert Staff

We’ve staffed our SOC with the best in the business. Serving as an extension of your security team, our SOC is operated by a skilled, highly trained team of security analysts who perform 90% of incident investigations. This process enables us to significantly reduce the number of incidents we escalate to you.



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