Introducing Free Quick Start Cyber Risk Assessments with Peer Benchmark Data

We asked industry leaders to name some of their biggest struggles around cyber risk, and they answered. They, like you, face challenges with visibility and insight into cyber risk posture, even after conducting cyber risk assessments. 93% of organizations are seeking help to reduce cyber risk. And 97% of cyber leaders agree that it’s now important to have a managed cyber risk reduction solution that ranks risk-reduction actions based on their potential financial impact. They need easier ways to show leadership the strides they’re making toward security maturity and have the data required to justify budget requests. Meanwhile, they struggle with understanding where they measure against industry norms, and it’s difficult to know how they rank amongst industry peers. 

The overarching theme was clear in all the responses—security professionals are overwhelmed, drowning in data, lacking insights, and in need of help—now.  

Critical Start has answered that distress call. We are changing how the industry conducts and uses cyber risk assessments, and we’re ensuring every organization can get started today, for free, with our Quick Start Risk Assessments tool. 

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Free Cyber Risk Assessments for Every Organization 

Our free cyber risk assessments are not a trial. After you sign up, you can receive permanent access to a portal where you take small-but-powerful, 15-question guided assessments. Each question is based off the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF), and your results are compared to a rich database of peer insights. That means your results will automatically and immediately align to industry best practices, and they’ll show you how well your security implementation stacks up against your competition.  

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Founded in Frameworks; Benchmarked Against Peer Organization Results 

Keeping up with cybersecurity industry standards is hard enough. Finding the data you would need to conduct peer benchmarking analysis is difficult, if not impossible. Yet these analyses are vital for demonstration of current-state security maturity, and for providing data-driven guidance for strategic planning. 

Your subscription to Critical Start’s Quick Start Risk Assessments platform is founded in industry frameworks, and the automated analysis compares your results to thousands of up-to-date peer benchmarks. You get immediate access to valuable, graphical analysis of your assessment data. The portal includes graphs that display: 

  • Current risk profile vs. industry norms 
  • Peer benchmarking comparisons based off of a number of selectable factors 
  • Historical data for comparison and trend analysis 
  • Prioritized suggestions for improvements  

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Take the Overwhelm out of Cyber Risk Assessments 

Most risk assessments are pen-and-paper or spreadsheet exercises that are prone to human error, omissions, and subjectivity. These assessments quickly result in data overwhelm with few, if any, deep insights delivered without significant time and expertise spent on analysis.  

Quick Start Risk Assessments provide a guided, web-based data entry experience that reduces human error, subjectivity, and data omission. The prescriptive definitions for each answer clearly guide your security teams, with multiple, quantifiable dimensions that define each maturity level. 

Get Clear on Your Cyber Risk 

Unlimited Quick Start Assessments let you Track Data Over Time 

Each risk assessment you take offers a clear view into your present state of cyber risk—but what about future states, planning, and tracking improvements?  

We have you covered. With your free subscription, you can multiple Quick Start Risk Assessments at your desired frequency. When it’s time to update your assessment, you’ll start with pre-filled forms that contain the most recent data. You’ll fly through re-evaluation by only editing what has changed. Then, you can generate risk assessment comparisons that show exactly where your program has improved, and what areas still need help. 

With the Critical Start platform, you can: 

  • Schedule and track risk assessments 
  • Assign reviewers 
  • Compare results between assessments, and 
  • Generate rich reports that definitively show your security improvements over time 

Start Tracking Today 

Get Started with your First Quick Start Risk Assessment Today 

Signing up is easy. Just fill out the form, and we will get back to you with login information. Once you’re signed in, the platform provides a self-guided tour to get you started quickly. 

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See how you can maximize the value of risk assessments for tangible outcomes that drive your organization to security maturity with confidence. 

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