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Our new MOBILESOC UI makes alert resolution and collaboration on the go more efficient and intuitive.
Learn real world attack and defense strategies with Adversarial Emulation and Active Defense training from TEAMARES
TEAMARES launches Breach Attack as a Service for quick testing whenever your environment changes.
Webinar Series | Once More unto the Breach | Lessons Learned from Billion Dollar Breaches


Changing the Way Security is Delivered

The CRITICALSTART leadership team is comprised of security industry veterans, each of whom believe there is a better way to deliver security solutions. Our collective years of experience surpass the first cyberattack ever recorded, making us well-versed in applying strategies and solutions to businesses’ security challenges.

Rob Davis, CISSP
Chief Executive Officer
Jordan Mauriello
Senior Vice President, Managed Services
Randy Watkins
Chief Technology Officer
Vasu Nagendra
Chief Product Officer
Alan Bain
Chief Revenue Officer
Alin Srivastava
Vice President, MDR Sales
Dwayne Myers
Vice President, Channels and Alliances
Sanjay Parikh
Vice President, Professional Services
Tera Davis
Managing Director
Stacie Bon
Vice President, Marketing
Andrew Kaufman
Chief Financial Officer
Carrie Kelly
Chief Marketing Officer

Leading the way in Managed Detection & Response

Detect threats and stop breaches by resolving every alert.

To become the most effective, easiest to consume, and quickest to deploy Managed Detection & Response service.