Critical Start MOBILESOC®

Quickly mitigate risk and respond to threats from anywhere


Take decisive action in the moment

No desk? No problem. With the MobileSOC app, you can leverage real-time notifications and full alert details at your fingertips to quickly remediate threats by: 

  • Scanning, quarantining, or blocking affected hosts 
  • Performing AV scans 
  • Disabling compromised user accounts 

Plus, comment, tag, escalate, and even directly collaborate with our Risk & Security Operations Center (RSOC) analysts in real-time, 24x7x365.

See and act on your risk exposure

Do you want to be more proactive in managing your risk, even on the go? Now you can access increased visibility and detailed trend data through performance, effectiveness, and efficiency dashboards and manage and reduce your risk with actionable insights through our Cyber Risk Dashboard 

Use our MobileSOC app to: 

  • Monitor Endpoint Coverage Gaps and SIEM/XDR Log Health to ensure your security tools are providing the expected coverage
  • Review and act on Risk-Ranked Reduction and MITRE ATT&CK® Mitigations Recommendations to increase your security posture and prevent repeat attacks 

Shrink attacker dwell time and simplify the lives of your security team

  • Our iOS and Android app feature 100% transparency so you never miss an event.

  • Track security metrics and team productivity on the go. Communicate directly from anywhere with Critical Start RSOC analysts for remote collaboration, workflow, and response.

  • See the full alert data that Critical Start analysts see, including a timeline of all actions taken.

  • This mobile-first approach goes far beyond simple ticketing. Access all security tools through Threat Analytics Plugins (TAPS).


Contact a Critical Start Specialist for the activation code.

MobileSOC Benefits

Triage Every Alert

Slash attacker dwell time with real-time collaboration and instant mobile remediation (including escalating and isolating attacks in the moment)—no desktop needed

24x7x365 Instant Collaboration

Immediately connect, collaborate, and escalate incidents directly to our RSOC analysts for further investigation or to take response actions on your behalf

Improve Productivity

See everything our Risk & Security Operations Center (RSOC) analysts see and coordinate responses with a unified view, including full alert detail and a timeline of all actions taken

Manage Risk Beyond Alerts

Validate Endpoint, SIEM, and XDR security controls are in place and working as expected

Keep Ahead of Threats

Stay aware of the latest threats with continuously updated bulletins from our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team

Administration On the Go

Manage Users & Roles, Products, and Notification Groups within the app for role-based access control

The MobileSOC difference

  • Go beyond ticketing, with consolidated visibility and full access to alerts, tickets, reports and investigation details.

  • Go beyond notifications, to take immediate action with information gathered in our MDR platform.

  • Go beyond your desk with an iOS and android app that lets you work directly with Critical Start senior security analysts no matter your location.

  • Go beyond alerts with an app that lets you reduce your risk through actionable insights and increase your security posture on the go.


    Take risk into your own hands with MobileSOC

    Shrink attacker dwell time and manage risk with full alert detail (including ticketing, report, and investigation information), consolidated visibility, and direct, 24x7x365 access to our expert analysts.


    MDR Buyers Guide

    In this paper, you will learn how it provides far better visibility into threats and enables an active, real-time response to mitigate any impact.

    Take it from our clients


      I would say that prior to the relationship with Critical Start, my SOC analysts were experiencing what we all call alert fatigue. Critical Start has really been able to reduce those alerts. I’ve been able to take our level three and four analysts and put them back to work at what they were hired to do.

      Head of Security Operations at MoneyGram
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