Security Operations Platform

Critical Start Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ Platform

Reduce Risk With End-to-End Visibility of Your Security Operations

Critical Start’s cloud-native Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ platform is the industry’s only technology combining cyber risk monitoring, posture and event analytics, and response orchestration in one platform. The platform provides 24x7x365 visibility into proactive and reactive security, reducing risk through continuous monitoring and expert guidance.

Technical Integrations

Integrate with multiple sources like Entra ID, EDR, EPP, and vulnerability management platforms to quickly identify unprotected assets or broken endpoint security agents.

Technical Integrations

Controls Validation

Ensure complete coverage of security controls while providing security operations with additional context to detect and respond to threats.

Actionable Insights

See attacks in progress across your security environment mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework, with step-by-step response guidance based on asset criticality and where attacks are in the kill chain.

Demonstrate ROI with Provable Risk and Security Operations Metrics

Security performance has a direct impact on risk and needs measuring and monitoring. As a part of your managed detection and response service, the Critical Start Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ platform brings together risk and operational metrics focused on continuous risk reduction.

Gain a unified view of organizational risk

Use the Cyber Risk Dashboard to understand how much security risk your organization is exposed to and the different approaches available to resolve it for the greatest risk reduction.

  • Risk Overview – See a unified view of statuses, urgent items, and next steps for the quickest actions with the most impact on reducing risk.

  • Risk-Ranked Recommendations – Get a better understanding of your overall risk exposure and prioritized recommendations on where to focus first.

  • MITRE ATT&CK® Mitigations Recommendations – Stop repeated attack vectors with recommendations based on threats unique to your environment. 

Optimize team performance

With clear metrics for individuals and teams, the Team Performance Dashboard helps your team work smarter, not harder. 

  • Help your team get better – Improve team efficiency with the ability to measure and analyze trends in security analyst Median Time to Resolve (MTTR) over time. Focus analyst investigation time on real and emerging threats.

  • Benchmark team performance – Leverage insights and peer comparisons to calibrate detection and response capabilities.

  • Simplify resource management – Make risk-based decisions tied to trends in threat activity and team performance.

Improve detection effectiveness and response time

Critical Start uses a mix of human expertise and purpose-built technology combined to uplift security effectiveness, meaning more threats are detected faster with fewer resources wasted.

  • Every security event mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework – Get clear guidance to contain common attacks and integrated playbooks to accelerate response time through automation.

  • 90% Less Noise – With our purpose-built Trusted Behavior Registry®, analysts regain productivity and have time to focus on other security priorities rather than churning alerts.

Get more value from your security stack

Tear down data silos and make telemetry from your existing security investments (SIEM, EDR/EPP, etc.) work better together by consolidating and correlating it through our centralizd Platform for insights into unmanaged assets, detection gaps, and performance issues.

  • SIEM and Managed XDR Health Monitoring – Maximize tool efficacy by monitoring any anomalies in log sources (spikes or drops in logs or suddenly no logs being ingested at all).

  • Endpoint and SIEM Coverage Gaps – Ensure security controls are in place and working and that all your security-relevant log sources are being ingested.

Take our Platform with you

Our MOBILESOC® iOS and Android app reduces attacker dwell time and gives security teams 24x7x365 access to full alert details, with the ability to triage, investigate, and respond on the go.

Security team leaders also leverage MobileSOC to manage risk, view operational and performance metrics, and get a status check on the security health of their environment from their mobile devices at any time and from anywhere.

PS Yes, it also comes in Dark Mode!

Did You Know?

Our Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ platform is the backbone of our MDR services. It was designed to help security teams get measurably faster at investigating and responding to threats without sacrificing effectiveness. Within the Platform is our Trusted Behavior Registry® (TBR®), built to automatically resolve false positives at scale. The TBR is a one-of-a-kind technology with an approach focused on identifying known good behavior first so that security analysts can move quickly to investigate and respond to real threats. Leveraging the Platform dramatically reduces investigation and response time and gives you the confidence that every single alert is resolved, regardless of priority.

Benchmark your cybersecurity against peers with our Free Quick Start Risk Assessments tool!
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