Our MDR Platform

Zero trust analytics to resolve every alert.

The backbone of highly-effective MDR is the Zero Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP) utilized by our elite security analysts to resolve every alert. The Trusted Behavior Registry (TBR) built into ZTAP enables false positives to be solved, shifting focus to what really matters—the triage and fast resolution of alerts that can indicate a threat.

Eliminate alert fatigue.

  • While others are focused on prioritizing alerts, we unprioritize to make sure no low or medium priority
    alerts are hiding a potential attack.

  • Leveraging the TBR, we resolve false positives quickly and automatically, dramatically reducing your workload and giving you confidence that every single alert is resolved.

Mitigate risk.

  • Full transparency and visibility into our platform is delivered through our desktop application or MOBILESOC.

  • We’ve built the automation into our platform around known–good behavior that is easier to find, easy to define and scalable—while CRITICALSTART SOC investigates all unknowns–100% of the time.

  • Insights learned about known-good activities are fed into the TBR to constantly improve and refine our performance.

  • We triage most alerts in minutes—with a guaranteed 1-hour SLA.

Maximize value.

  • Maximize the value of your security investments through verifiable ROI and our detection engineering expertise.

  • We feature bi-directional APIs and on-staff expertise with industry-leading security tools.

  • Security tools undergo continual optimization to maintain peak performance.

  • Gain transparency and full visibility across your security ecosystem. See every alert and full investigation details, along with every action taken—everything is auditable and reportable.

  • MOBILESOC keeps you in direct contact with our analysts and actions are taken for on-the-go detection and response.

You deserve smarter MDR.

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