What security professionals are saying about Critical Start

We’ve said enough about our industry-leading approach to resolving every alert and stopping every breach. To really understand the difference this approach makes to real people charged with protecting real enterprises—and perhaps more importantly—to understand what it’s like to work with Critical Start, take a look at what our clients have to say about us.

Take it from our clients

Our Customer Stories

  • Customer Story

    Real World Attacks | Onboarding

    We don’t just simplify breach prevention – we do it from day 1. Our platform can see alerts and attacks that may already be present prior to our MDR service, even when looking at a cust…
  • Customer Story

    Trusting the Critical Start Team | A Financial Services Firm’s Use Case

    “The biggest lesson is transitioning from alert overload to being at a point where we do have eyes on alerts, where every alert is truly possible. It’s something that a lot of people se…
  • Customer Story

    A Manufacturer’s Path to Secure Cybersecurity

    Leading manufacturers and the IoT they utilize are a big target for cyberattacks and their environments can be very complex to secure. CRITICALSTART along with Palo Alto Networks and Trace3 continu…

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