How Predictive Index Helps CRITICALSTART Thrive

If having a supportive, collaborative work environment is important to you, we’re with you on that. CRITICALSTART looks for ways to help our teams collaborate more easily, from project management apps to collaboration spaces.

Now we’re going even further by using Predictive Index (PI) to enhance our hiring process and collaboration internally. PI is a tool that helps organizations improve communication and collaboration among team members, build teams effectively, and hire candidates who will best thrive in their roles.

PI uses a time-tested methodology that assesses an individual’s drives, needs, and behaviors, so differences among work styles can be not just accommodated, but embraced. We’ve provided PI training to our leadership team and rolled out the assessment to our employees, who have completed the 6-minute PI survey and received their behavioral assessment report.

Going further, we’re using PI with our hiring candidates as one more resource to help get a clearer picture of job applicants. Your individualized report shows what drives your behavior and working style, and how you can communicate best with others.

PI sets up teams and job candidates for success

Every individual brings their own values, experiences, and beliefs. PI is just a piece of the puzzle that gives other employees and hiring managers a head start on understanding how to collaborate and communicate.

“PI gives us another data point to help us hire candidates who are a great fit for the role and our company,” says Roseanne Donohue, VP of Talent Management. “With it, we can quickly see what drives the individual’s behavior and motivations to perform at work. This is an easy, fun exercise designed to help us understand more about ourselves and each other, so we can tailor our approach and communications based on what the other person needs.”

 As an employee development tool, participation starts at the top. CRITICALSTART CEO and Founder Rob Davis has shared his PI behavioral report along with those of his executive team to the entire company.

Want to work with a company that provides tools and resources to better understand yourself and others, and helps you better communicate and collaborate? You’ve come to the right place!

Learn more at the PI website.

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