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Culture is a Critical Part of Our Values

Employee Resource Groups

ERGs focus on our employees and enable our leaders to listen and learn together. Ultimately, they foster a work environment that includes and embraces racial, ethnic, and gender diversity and other individual differences that allow employees to bring their Total Selves to work.

Women’s Group

Foster an inclusive community of women and allies focused on connecting, inspiring, and growing successful women at Critical Start. Achieved by creating value for women with opportunities to boost their careers, create memories with their colleagues, and give back to the community of women outside of Critical Start. 


Celebrate and foster a safe, equal, and affirmative environment within the Critical Start community and beyond to attract, retain, and develop employees within the LGBTQIA+ community. 

People of Color

Foster networking, professional development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities with a focus on the recruitment, retention, learning, and advancement of people of color.

Emerging Leaders

Create and foster an inclusive community dedicated to sparking meaningful discussion about personal and professional developments for employees early in their careers.

Parent and Caregiver Alliance

Create a supportive and inclusive environment for working parents and caregivers within Critical Start. Our mission is to provide a collaborative space where members can share experiences, exchange valuable resources, and seek advice on parenting and caregiving topics of all types.

Disabilities – Visual or Non-Visual

Build a community around support, advocacy, and education for those with physical or non-physical disabilities, their families, caregivers, and allies.

Faith in the Workplace

Create a community of professionals who seek to integrate their faith into their work lives. Through group discussions and application exercises, we aim to inspire and equip one another to fulfill our calling as creative and faithful workers in our respective fields.

Veterans, Active Military, and First Responders

Create a community that recruits, develops, recognizes, and elevates those that have both served in military and first-responder roles, their families, and anyone that supports bringing the unique values of this community to our Critical Start community. 

Culture Squad

What is a CultureSquad? Our Culture Squad is all about fostering a positive and enjoyable work environment. It provides team members with opportunities to take a break from work and come together for some pure fun! 

Who are we looking for? We’re looking for any team members who want to help make Critical Start an even more enjoyable place to work! 

What kinds of fun can you expect? Whether in person or virtual, our Culture Squad organizes volunteer opportunities, team-building events, monthly activities, and more! 

What are the Benefits? Joining the Culture Squad allows you to meet and collaborate with colleagues from different departments. You’ll also have the chance to share your ideas for enhancing our company culture. Plus, if you’re passionate about giving back to the community, this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

As one of our core values to “Do What’s Best for our Employees”, we want to nurture a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable all of our team members to prosper!

We are committed to creating a space of inclusion and fostering a culture of belonging across our organization.

Buddy Program

At Critical Start, we want to help our Critical Crew to grow and thrive by doing what they love to do. That’s why we started our New Hire Buddy System to support our employees’ goals, pairing new hires with experienced colleagues to foster an environment of support, collaboration, and career growth.

Your Buddy will guide you through your onboarding at Critical Start, introducing you to colleagues, and addressing any questions you may have. Together, you’ll decide on a comfortable cadence for communication. Your Buddy will be available, whether in person or remotely, on your first day to help you settle in and for check-ins throughout your first month and beyond. 

Naomi Nieuwesteeg, Product and Engineering Ops Lead

“Being a New Hire Buddy means being a friendly face and a transparent resource to our new co-workers. I’m here to make an intimidating situation (starting a new job) more comfortable and smoother by offering connection and clarity”.

Matt Oyediran, Security Analyst

“The New Hire Buddy program was of tremendous help to me. My new hire buddy was very knowledgeable about the SOC and the company in general. As a new hire, I relied on him for questions I had; for questions that he couldn’t answer, he found out or directed me to the person who could help. Overall, the program helped me transition into my role faster”.

Empowerment Hub: Explore Our Learning & Development Programs!

  • Ascent Leadership

    A 9-month Professional Development Program for Senior Leaders, via nomination. Work towards your future leadership goals starting now!  

  • Elevate New Managers

    A 6-month Professional Development Program for New or Experienced Managers. Develop essential skills to become a manager who elevates, enables, and strengthens any team you lead.

  • Udemy Partnership

    Explore our Udemy Partnership with access to 250,000+ courses to enhance your skills and propel your career.

  • In-house Learning

    Dig into DataBytes, Chew on This, and Coffee with the C-Suite to explore diverse ideas, gain insights from our c-suite, and dive into technical topics across teams!

  • Critical Start Internships

    Valuable experiences for interns and our team; allowing us to foster knowledge exchange and bring fresh perspectives, while attracting future talent!

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