Our Critical Culture

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Our Culture is a Critical Part of Our Values

Employee Resource Groups

We are committed to focusing on our employees and enabling our teams to listen and learn together. We aim to foster a work environment that includes and embraces racial, ethnic, and gender diversity and other individual differences that allow our employees to flourish! Current Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) include:

Women’s Group


Veteran’s Active Military and First Responders

Parents/Family Caregivers

People of Color

Emerging Leaders

Disabilities – Visual or Non-Visual

Faith in the Workplace

Culture Squad

To promote a positive, and fun, work culture we encourage team members to join and brainstorm on opportunities we can provide to improve our company culture or give back to our local communities. These opportunities could be volunteer opportunities, team building events, and monthly activities. A few we’ve participated in include, food bank volunteering, blood drives, Superbowl and St. Patrick’s Day parties, and much more!

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

As one of our core values to “Do What’s Best for our Employees”, we want to nurture a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable all of our team members to prosper!

We are committed to creating a space of inclusion and fostering a culture of belonging across our organization.

Mentor Support

At Critical Start, we want to help our Critical Crew to grow and thrive doing what they love to do. That’s why we started our New Hire Buddy System to support our employees’ goals, pairing new hires with experienced colleagues to foster an environment of support, collaboration, and career growth. Learn more about our mentorship program here.

Naomi Nieuwesteeg, Product and Engineering Ops Lead

“Being a New Hire Buddy means being a friendly face and a transparent resource to our new co-workers. I’m here to make an intimidating situation (starting a new job) more comfortable and smoother by offering connection and clarity”.

Matt Oyediran, Security Analyst

“The New Hire Buddy program was of tremendous help to me. My new hire buddy was very knowledgeable about the SOC and the company in general. As a new hire, I relied on him for questions I had; for questions that he couldn’t answer, he found out or directed me to the person who could help. Overall, the program helped me transition into my role faster”.


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  • Rob Davis, CEO

    The five years I spent as an officer aboard the USS Jackson (SSN 699) were more than a time of service; they were a forge for the values I hold dear in the corporate realm.

    The unforgiving environment of a fast-attack nuclear submarine demands excellence. Hard work wasn’t just a requirement but a daily reality that has translated into an unrelenting drive to propel our company forward. Accountability wasn’t just a buzzword, because the cost of mistakes might be measured in lives lost.

    Attention to detail could mean the difference between mission success and failure in the depths of the ocean. In cybersecurity, this same meticulousness is what enables us to protect our clients against threats.

    Most importantly, my time in the Navy reinforced the critical role of training. Just as we drilled for every imaginable scenario at sea, we empower our team with continuous learning and development to stay ahead in a constantly evolving cyber landscape.

    I salute my fellow veterans who have transitioned to the civilian workforce. May we all continue to apply the invaluable lessons of our service to lead with integrity, innovate with purpose, and serve with excellence.

  • Callie Guenther, Sr. Manager of Cyber Threat Research

    “My experience in the military has been foundational in shaping a career in cybersecurity, where diligence and strategy are paramount. At Critical Start, I apply the same critical thinking and analytical skills that were crucial in service to enhance our cyber intelligence efforts. This isn’t just about protecting individual clients; it’s about fortifying the resilience of our collective digital landscape. It’s about meaningful contributions that resonate across communities, echoing the larger mission of our work. We’re not just responding to threats but proactively contributing to a framework that defends our shared digital environment, reflecting a commitment that goes beyond business—it’s about upholding a safer, well-guarded future for all.”

  • Jonathan Pike, RSOC Manager

    “My military service taught me the importance of teamwork and camaraderie, and those lessons have been invaluable in my career in cybersecurity. I’ve found that connecting with other veterans at Critical Start has helped me to build a strong network of support and collaboration.”
  • Melissa Pepe, Digital Marketing Specialist

    “Both of my grandfathers were WWII Veterans, my paternal grandfather in the medical field and my maternal grandfather (Pappou) in intelligence, both fighting for the U.S. My paternal grandfather passed before I was born, but I was very close with my Pappou, who shared his war memoirs with our family of his time in the war while gathering intelligence for the U.S. and Britain in Greece, which I still have to this day. Knowing both of my grandfathers were WWII Vets, and reading what my Pappou experienced in the war, has made me proud of them but also humbled and grateful for the life I have today.”

  • Cindy Vaquera, Sr. Talent Acquisition Lead

    “As someone with family members who are veterans (Marines), I deeply appreciate the sacrifices made by service members and their families. I feel humbled by the opportunities we have, because of these sacrifices. I’m proud to be part of a company that not only recognizes and celebrates our veterans, but also has a large portion of our team made up of veterans. Meeting, forming connections with, and offering job guidance to military veterans is a true privilege for me!”

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