Cyber Alliance Partner Program


To provide you with the most comprehensive incident preparedness, response and remediation services, we partner with attorneys, Incident Commanders, insurance companies and Integrated Incident Response Program (IIRP) providers.

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Cyber Insurance Panels

To help support an outstanding insurance ecosystem for our customers, we partner with leading cyber insurance companies and brokers.

We know what it takes to collaborate with Incident Commanders, claims and underwriting professionals, brokers and insurance companies, and our deep cyber defense expertise has earned us a place on several leading insurance carrier panels. We eliminate uncertainty and hidden expose by aligning our offerings and contractual language with that of cyber insurance companies.

Proactive Cybersecurity Assessments

Our cybersecurity readiness assessments and other incident readiness services help insurance providers deliver assurances to the insured during the application process. And, depending on the insurance provider, your company may benefit from reduced premiums for adopting cyber security best practices.

Reactive Services

When a breach occurs, our team hyper-focuses on impacted systems to dramatically shrink investigation and response time. Then we perform a forensic investigation and analysis of your incident to remediate any exploited vulnerabilities.

Our Cyber Incident Response Team

Our CIRT is strengthened by highly specialized education, training and real-world experience:

  • Advanced degrees in Digital Forensics, Computer Science, and Criminology

  • More than 35 collective certification credentials, including Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) Certified Forensic Examiner, Certified Enterprise Defender, and Certified Incident Handler

  • Experience in providing cybersecurity services to Department of Defense and other Three Letter Agencies (TLAs) while serving in our U.S. military and as civilian contractors

  • Close relationships with TLAs that allow the team to stay abreast of current threat actor groups and their operations

Why Critical Start?

A Predictable Cost Model

Partnering with Critical Start eliminates costly surprises when you are breaches occur. We work with you from the outset of our relationship to agree on pricing that meets your clients’ needs.

Speed and Decisiveness

While others prioritize identifying what happened, we prioritize stopping the breach and getting your clients back to business.

Leadership in a Crisis

While other IR vendors rush through the forensics process, we provide executive-level coaching to relieve the burden on you and your team so you can focus on what matters most. Even after the incident is remediated, we stay with you as a trusted advisor.

Repeatable Processes

Our CIRT team follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) incident response process to deliver efficiency, consistency and scalability to every engagement.

Purpose-Built Technology

Our proprietary MDR and forensics platform enables us to quickly triage an impacted environment, minimizing the cost and impact associated with breaches while accelerating operational recovery when they occur, and we leverage industry-leading tools to support our IR investigations.

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