Forensic Services

How we do it

Digital Forensic Investigations

Use our on-demand forensic investigators with experience in PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and other protected governance standards, including ISO, NIST and CSF, for highly sensitive investigations.

Courtroom Testimony

Leverage our most experienced forensic experts to offer sound, confident testimony in a court of law when an investigation becomes material to a case.

Forensic Imaging & Analysis

Rely on the latest industry-proven tools, techniques and procedures to reach comprehensive investigation results. Our forensic investigators collectively bring a vast wealth of knowledge, industry certifications, degrees and experience to every engagement.

Investigative Reporting

Receive clear, concise, and professional documentation throughout every investigation. Our final investigative reports are thorough and target a broad audience as they walk you through the story from an executive to a technical level.

Evidence Seizure, Chain-of-Custody, and Secure Storage

Have confidence in our evidence handling procedures and documentation that directly align with NIST to ensure forensically sound results from methods that are beyond reproach. Every team member is trained and equipped to retrieve, process and store forensic evidence in accordance with federal guidelines and best practices.

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