Incident Response Monitoring


Our IR Monitoring service leverages the power of our Zero-Trust Analytics Platform® (ZTAP®) to bring surgical precision to every IR engagement.

This service, which is optional for non-Critical Start customers, includes:

Active 24×7 monitoring of all alerts by seasoned professionals and purpose-built technology

SOC augmentation for 24×7 event detection and triage

Alert escalation based on your threat assessment and impact analysis

Ability to leverage industry-vertical playbooks and threat intelligence

30-day demo license for integrated EDR products

Key Benefits

  • Identify, contain and remediate threats

  • Block malware processes and contain breaches

  • Support threat hunting operations during a breach

Contain Breaches Across Diverse Attack Vectors

We handle criminal and non-criminal matters related to a wide variety of incidents, including:

  • Malware-based attacks (Ransomware, Trojans, etc.)

  • Phishing attacks

  • Zero-Day attacks

  • Password attacks

  • IoT attacks

  • Critical infrastructure attacks

  • Cryptojacking

  • Insider threats (espionage, fraud, etc.)

  • Financial crimes

  • Business email compromise

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    Incident Response Monitoring

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