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Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Secure your infrastructure. Meet compliance standards. Reduce risk.
Our cybersecurity consulting practice provides a team of highly trained professionals with expertise in technology, adversarial engagements, risk and compliance, privacy and more.

CRITICALSTART Cybersecurity Consulting benefits

Trusted Advisors

Work with experts you can trust to close vulnerabilities and align security strategy to your business objectives.

Compliance & Prevention

Meet compliance standards and prevent the compromise of critical assets and business operations through an extension of your own security team.

Shrink Risk

Develop a mature security posture and gain confidence through a cybersecurity strategy that extends from a deterrent to one that helps achieve business objectives.

The CRITICALSTART difference

  • We hire the best talent in the industry.
    Our TEAMARES red and blue teams are class-leading security practitioners (pen testers, assessors, forensic examiners) providing hands on support and expertise.

  • Entrenched in your business
    Doing what’s right for our customers is the foundation of our business. We aren’t finished until the customer is satisfied. We do what we say and “walk the walk” to ensure your organization can leverage cybersecurity as an enabler of success, innovation, and trust. We look at customers through a strategic lens compared to individual services and tactics. We align cybersecurity to business objects and provide an unbiased outside expert to validate your information security posture.

  • We find what others miss.
    Our security experts are the innovators finding deep vulnerabilities in production level software. Our TEAMARES red team regularly finds exploits, threats, and malware that flies under the radar of many detection and protection products.

  • White glove service
    We customize our cybersecurity consulting services around your unique needs—how to best secure your business is our top priority. Innovation is at the heart of culture. We place a heavy emphasis on R&D, tools, techniques, exploit development and training to keep you ahead of the latest threats.

Our proven three-phase process


Resources can be limited, leaving vulnerabilities to new and evolving cyberattacks. Our assessment services help you identify risks, document the effectiveness of your existing controls and create a roadmap to improve your security posture.


When your organization is under attack, immediate response is critical. We help you protect your environment with a customized plan and early detection, then we reduce your incident response time to minimize the impact of a breach.


CRITICALSTART cybersecurity consulting services provide you with strategic security roadmap planning, expertise to evaluate gaps and confidence that your business operations are secure and optimized.

cybersecurity consulting
managed security


We’ll help you understand your environment at a deeper level to assess how today’s attacks can impact your organization and so we can better defend your environment.

threat intelligence


We can help secure your infrastructure on premise or in the cloud, meet compliance standards and reduce your exposure.

cybersecurity services


Reduce your incident response time and minimize breach impact.


    Cybersecurity Consulting

    Threats against enterprises are on the rise. To protect your organization, you need a strategic partner you can trust.

  • Cybersecurity Consulting

    Cybersecurity Consulting

    In this paper, you will learn how it provides far better visibility into threats and enables an active, real-time response to mitigate any impact.

    We’re ready to help!

    We hire the best talent in the industry. Our class-leading security practitioners, including former CISOs, auditors, engineers, analysts, pen testers, assessors and forensic examiners, provide hands-on support and unrivaled expertise. We’re not finished until you’re satisfied. We align cybersecurity to business objectives to provide
    an unbiased outside expert opinion to validate your security posture.

    You deserve smarter cybersecurity consulting

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