Manage Cybersecurity Risk

Discover the financial consequences of risk acceptance

Does your business struggle with multiple security tools? Do you have the solutions in place to manage and measure them?

Security is a moving target which makes it tough to understand which control metrics – especially if you’re using disparate security tools – to monitor so you have the most accurate view of your security posture.

By consolidating visibility, you’ll increase cyber awareness so you can take informed action to reduce risk.

The number of security tools to manage is overwhelming

Security teams from large enterprises now have 76 security tools to manage and those with 10,000 or more employees on average, 96 tools. 1 This results in limited visibility into your security program’s effectiveness and vulnerability to threats.

Security leaders are losing confidence in visibility

Only 40% of security leaders are confident in their visibility to understand if their security controls are working as intended.2 This has big consequences: 82% of security leaders have been surprised by a security event which evaded a control that they thought was in place.3

Using multiple security tools means threats can be missed if you don’t optimize them with the latest detection engineering. MDR integrates with your tools to provide total threat detection coverage.

How Critical Start Helps You

Real-time visibility helps you identify gaps in detection coverage so you can anticipate threats and minimize attacks’ impact. With our MDR service, you’ll have the data you need to articulate your security program’s value and drive future investment decisions in terms that executives understand.

Our security experts also help optimize and operationalize your security controls. Our onboarding team works with you to fine tune our MDR services to match your unique requirements. On an ongoing basis, our Security Operations Center (SOC) performs continual monitoring and constantly adds and updates threat detections.

Reduce risk

Beyond detection and response, an MDR service is adept at utilizing key metrics to uncover security gaps quickly.

The Critical Start Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ (CORR) platform is your gateway to deriving visibility into your entire security tool stack. CORR maximizes value using fast attack detection and analysis features, maximizing customer value.

Strengthen your security program

The cornerstone of a competent MDR program relies on its ability to continuously grow with technology, while maintaining the integrity of a risk/reward profile.

CORR illustrates key security metrics in executive level format, organizing data for key business decisions.

Inform decision making

In a perfect security world, delivering reports that guide executive board member decisions in a simple manner would be simple. Yet, the conundrum of balancing risk/reward and cost/benefit is an ongoing struggle.

Scaling insights data down to a few key metrics required to make informed decisions is possible through ZTAP.

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