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CRITICALSTART Managed Detection and Response Services powered by Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR

CRITICALSTART® Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services bi-directionally integrate with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR™ Prevent and Pro to deliver a comprehensive combination of experienced analysts and operational process that help your security team to quickly detect, investigate and respond to every alert, and stop the most advanced attacks whilst reducing risk, alert fatigue, and analyst burnout. Plus, by simply augmenting in-house security protocols with MDR security experts, the painstaking process of building or refining your own security operations center (SOC) is eliminated and value from your Cortex XDR investment is realized on day one.

Key Benefits of the Integration

Accelerate Value from Your Cortex XDR Investment

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR experts setup and manage the environment in weeks, not months.  We help you operationalize your Cortex XDR investment in the context of your security ecosystem and free up your security resources to take on other projects. 

Eliminate Alert Fatigue and Reduce Risk Acceptance

MDR is driven by ZTAP, the Zero Trust Analytics Platform™. ZTAP™ features the Trusted Behavior Registry™ (TBR), the largest registry of known good alerts (false positives), delivering the scalability to resolve every alert. By ingesting Cortex XDR endpoint and network data into the platform, the TBR quickly establishes what data is a trigger event, and what information in the alerts is an observation. Context and data are united together with Cortex XDR but leveraged differently in investigations.

Extend Your Team with Threat Detection and Response Expertise

The straightforward path to value is to work with a MDR partner that fits your needs, has verified deep experience in delivering optimal MDR services across multiple industries and geographies, has Cortex XDR-certified SOC analysts / threat hunters on staff and available 24/7, and work in a U.S.-based SOC 2 Type 2 certified Security Operations Center.

Triage and Contain Alerts from Anywhere

Take threat detection and response on-the-go with the MOBILESOC® application. An industry-leading first, you have the power of our ZTAP platform in your hands, with the ability to contain breaches right from your phone. Our iOS and Android app features 100% transparency with full alert detail and a timeline of all actions taken.

CRITICALSTART Service Snapshot

Our trust-oriented approach leverages the ZTAP platform to collect, understand, and resolve every alert.

The Trusted Behavior Registry reduces false positives by enabling us to auto-resolve false positives – the largest volume of alerts – at scale.

We operate with 100% transparency, so you view the same data as CRITICALSTART SOC analysts.

Our MOBILESOC app allows you to investigate, escalate, comment on, respond to, and remediate security incidents from your iOS or Android device.

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