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VMware Carbon Black & CRITICALSTART

Using the power of VMware Carbon Black® EDR™, CRITICALSTART enables customers to collect and visualize comprehensive information about endpoint events, giving security professionals unparalleled visibility and immediate response capabilities. CRITICALSTART’s MDR utilizes our Trusted Behavior Registry™ to investigate every alert generated.

Key Benefits of the Integration

Threat Intelligence

Custom Threat Intelligence resource plus additional feeds that help identify Indicators of Compromise (IOC) in an environment.

99% Reduction

Reduction in Carbon Black alerts by 99% with CRITICALSTART’s Zero-Trust Engine and 24x7x365 incident monitoring.

Cloud Hosted & Managed

Access to your VMware Carbon Black platform, hosted and managed in the cloud, allows the use of Carbon Black Threat Intelligence or customized content.

30-day Storage

Up to 30-day storage policy based on your compliance requirements.

Precision Sizing

Precision sizing ensures you don’t overspend.

Full Support

Full engineering support for VMware Carbon Black EDR components.

CRITICALSTART Service Snapshot

A service that outperforms the traditional one-size-fits- all approach by adapting to the unique differences of each customer.
Accelerate your production MDR deployment to weeks instead of months with an immediate reduction in alerts and accelerated ROI.
Our certified consultants are experts in logging solutions, cloud infrastructure, and event collection.

Our MOBILESOC® app allows you to investigate, escalate, comment on, respond to, and remediate security incidents from your iOS or Android device 24x7x365 managed detection and response provided by highly experienced analysts and incident responders.

100% Transparency so customers view the same data as CRITICALSTART’s SOC analysts.

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