Visibility beyond the endpoint with MDR services for Cortex XDR

We close the circle on security information by monitoring an unlimited amount of data, providing actionable insights around your environment, and resolving all alerts.

“Having a team that considers the potential threat of a low-priority alert in the same way they treat a critical or high alert is a big deal.” -International Manufacturer

  • Team brought in to resolve ransomware attack, greatly reducing expected business downtime.

  • Strong manufacturer relationship led to enhanced customer onboarding experience.

  • Unified security teams and infrastructure under single security umbrella.

CRITICALSTART Services for Palo Alto Networks

MDR services for Cortex XDR

Through our deep bi-directional integration, we ingest Cortex XDR Prevent and Pro endpoint, network and cloud data into the platform, to quickly detect every event, resolve every alert and stop every breach.

Next-generation firewall consulting and support

Our services adapt to the unique differences of your organization because our network security team is skilled in a variety of environments, from smaller deployments to enterprise systems.

Untether your analysts.

Drive down attacker dwell time with CRITICALSTART MOBILESOC™. Through this iOS and Android app, we go beyond ticketing and instant notifications, giving you the ability to action incidents immediately with information gathered in our platform.

Untether your analysts.

Triage, containment, and collaboration just went portable. With our MOBILESOC, you can do it all from anywhere. Note: Desks may experience separation anxiety.

We’re all tired of webinars. Learn the basics of XDR in 3 minutes, not 30.

Behind the scenes of a ransomware attack:

How warning signs of malicious activity were hidden in low level alerts, and how CRITICALSTART was brought in to help.

Real World Attacks
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