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Incident Response Monitoring

This Quick Card describes our Cyber Incident Response Team’s IR Monitoring service and the benefits it offers to our customers.

Cyber Research Unit

The CRITICALSTART® Cyber Research Unit is made up of an elite team of researchers and threat detection engineers who build and enrich detections and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and support our Managed Detection and Response services delivered 24x7x365 by our U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC). This team works as an extension of your team to continuously optimize threat detection and response outcomes in your unique environment.

Choosing a Managed Detection and Response Partner

Do your security analysts spend too much time manually triaging alerts? Do you often work with third-party vendors and suppliers who can broaden an attack surface? Do you lack confidence in the tools you have in place to investigate endpoints? Your organization may greatly benefit from working with CRITICALSTART® because they possess the right MDR technology, skillset and expertise necessary to drive Cortex XDR to its full potential.

CRITICALSTART Managed Detection and Response Services for Microsoft Security

CRITICALSTART provides deep integration with the Microsoft security suite to detect every event, resolve every alert, and respond to breaches. We reduce risk acceptance and magnify security visibility by leveraging the deep cybersecurity insights and capabilities that make the Microsoft security stack different from other extended detection and response (XDR) solutions.

CRITICALSTART Cybersecurity Consulting for Microsoft Security Solutions

This catalog details the Cybersecurity Consulting for Microsoft Security solutions offered by CRITICALSTART. It provides you with the scope of each service, objective, goal it fulfills, use cases, and benefits you will derive, so you can select the services that fit your unique requirements.

Managed SIEM services for Splunk

CRITICALSTART managed SIEM services for Splunk leave nothing to chance, with data-rich visibility and seamless orchestrated detection and response beyond the endpoint. We quickly and effectively accomplish true managed detection and response for SIEM; we help you build it effectively, deploy it quickly and use it actively to detect threats. 

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services from CRITICALSTART powered by SentinelOne

Using the power of SentinelOne, CRITICALSTART enables customers to centralize, ingest, and correlate 100% of their logs to ensure their environment is secure. CRITICALSTART’s MDR utilizes a Trusted Behavior Registry to investigate every alert generated. Customers see every action our SOC analysts take since our platform provides 100% transparency across the entire process.

Managed Detection and Response Services from CRITICALSTART Powered by Cortex XDR

CRITICALSTART integrates with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDRTM Prevent and Pro to offer a 24x7x365 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service using our proprietary automation and analytics platform, ZTAP. Through our deep bi-directional integration, we ingest Cortex XDR endpoint, network and cloud data into the platform, to quickly detect every event, resolve every alert and stop every breach.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services from CRITICALSTART powered by BlackBerry® Protect Using

 Using the power of BlackBerry® Protect, CRITICALSTART delivers threat prevention powered by AI, combined with application and script control, memory protection, and device policy enforcement to identify and block threats before they can cause harm. All with the alert reduction and response speeds enabled by CRITICALSTART‘s Trusted Behavior Registry.

Security Tools Assessment

Gain in-depth insight to maximize your security infrastructure with a Security Tools Assessment from CRITICALSTART. We’ll help you navigate and identify security products that work well together, and provide guidance on potential integration areas to help streamline your security operations process. Our approach includes a comprehensive review of your existing solutions with guidance on which products should be enhanced, added, or even removed from your infrastructure.

Managed Detection and Response Services

Today’s reality is daunting.  And no one needs to tell you that your job is getting harder.  

What if we told you there is a better way to approach threat detection and response? A better way that truly reduces risk acceptance, increase Security Operations Center (SOC) productivity, and helps you validate return on your security investments.

Privacy Readiness Assessment

With potential fines as high as 4% of global revenue for non-compliance, it is good business practice to proactively achieve GDPR compliance. We can help assess your environment against the current GDPR requirements and provide guidance and remediation advice for any identified risks.

Threat Hunting Training

Organizations often don’t realize they’ve been breached, giving malicious actors the freedom to dwell in their network undetected for weeks or months at a time, collecting data and other confidential information.

Threat hunting is a proactive incident response service that offers a way to seek out cyber threats that may be lurking in your organization’s network and reduce attacker dwell time.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

How vulnerable is your organization to attacks? Today’s attackers employ a wide range of tactics to access critical data and wreak havoc on their target organizations. Threat scenarios that target the user, such as social engineering, susceptibility to malware, and web-based attacks, have the potential to provide the greatest return for attackers. CRITICALSTART can help you identify the top threats to your organization and how to mitigate the associated risk.

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