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Cortex XDR & 

Expert Security from Spin-up
to Success

Cortex XDR removes security blind spots by stitching together network, endpoint, and cloud data to deliver monitoring, analysis, and coordinated response across your entire environment. CRITICALSTART monitors this data around the clock with highly-trained analysts who specialize in incident triage, malware analysis, and incident management and response.


Key Benefits of the Integration

Cortex XDR

Take advantage of Cortex XDR as a managed service.

No Compromise

Stop malware, exploits, and ransomware before they can compromise endpoints.

Protect Endpoints

Protect endpoints online or offline, on network or off.

Prevent Attacks

Coordinate enforcement with network and cloud security to prevent successful attacks.

Palo Alto Networks

Integrate with technologies across Palo Alto Networks platforms.

  • Cortex XDR™ detection and response built into the offering for capabilities across your network, endpoint, and cloud environments.
  • A service that outperforms the traditional one-size-fits- all approach by adapting to the unique differences of each customer.
  • Accelerate your production MDR deployment to weeks instead of months with an immediate reduction in alerts and accelerated ROI.
  • Our certified consultants are experts in logging solutions, cloud infrastructure, and event collection.
  • Our MOBILESOC app allows you to investigate, escalate, comment on, respond to, and remediate security incidents from your iOS or Android device 24x7x365 managed detection and response provided by highly experienced analysts and incident responders.
  • 100% Transparency so customers view the same data as CRITICALSTART’s SOC analysts.