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Security Experts get candid about hacking, breaches, and other cyber threats impacting a company’s security. Plus, the occasional pun. 

Episode 14 – Sponsored IDC White Paper with Craig Robinson

Join CRITICALSTART CTO and SON OF A BREACH! podcast host Randy Watkins as he talks with IDC Program Director, Security Services, Craig Robinson.  The two discuss the Critical Start sponsored IDC white paper, “In Cybersecurity Every Alert Matters”.  

The two share their thoughts on: 

  • Making organizations more secure in the face of ongoing digital transformations
  •  The value of internal talent to prioritize business outcomes in cybersecurity
  • Predictions around MDR and alert resolution

Special thanks to Craig Robinson!

Any guesses on our next series in the podcast? Stay tuned to find out on SON OF A BREACH!

IDC Thought Leadership White Paper, sponsored by Critical Start, In Cybersecurity Every Alert Matters, US48277521, October 2021

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