CRITICALSTART® Asset Visibility

Improve security posture and reduce risk by proactively identifying security coverage gaps and ensuring the right controls are in place.

You can’t protect what you don’t know you have.

Asset visibility is a critical component of risk reduction. CISOs and SecOps leaders must ensure they are effectively measuring their true level of risk exposure and fixing security gaps before they become entry points for adversaries.

The Challenges

  • Little confidence your MDR or your SOC is receiving comprehensive threat data 
  • Inability to proactively identify and remediate security coverage gap blind spots to maximize your defenses and mitigate risk  
  • No guidance on which security gaps to prioritize to increase security posture and reduce risk exposure  
  • Reliance on periodic, manual data collection with no checks and balances to align asset inventory with threat signals received 
  • Limited access to a continuously updated, consolidated inventory for comprehensive visibility into assets missing endpoint security coverage 
  • No data-driven insights to help optimize your security programs and get the most value from your investments 

Our Solutions

Find unsecured assets and close security gaps before attackers can exploit them with Critical Start Asset Visibility. Strengthen threat monitoring, speed response, and reduce risk with unified data from your existing security tools for enhanced visibility and control.

  • Asset Visibility: If you need a stand-alone solution that provides enhanced asset visibility and management capabilities beyond EDR, Critical Start Asset Visibility gives you a trusted view of your assets with criticality tagging to ensure full protection.
  • Endpoint Coverage Gap Analysis: Quickly identify and fix endpoints that lack security coverage. By acting on this intelligence, you can be assured that your Security Operations Center (SOC) is continually receiving the expected signals for threat identification and containment.

Unite the CISOs, SecOps, and Other Strategic Teams Against Risk

Combined with RSOC investigations, risk and compliance tracking, mitigation recommendations, and vulnerability data, teams use insights from Asset Visibility to get a holistic view of their organization’s risk posture and take action on risk remediation recommendations.

Risk-Based, Strategic Insights

CISOs gain the strategic insights needed to make data-driven decisions that reduce risk & optimize security investments

Improved Monitoring & Detection

Increased visibility and integration provide an enriched, real-time overview of critical systems and empower SecOps teams to thwart attackers by proactively closing security gaps

Enhanced Cyber Resilience

Collaboration between Security, DevOps, & IT teams refines response strategies & ensures proper controls are in place across endpoints, helping secure complex environments for increased cyber resilience from threats

Prioritize Optimization & Justify Spend

A unified Cyber Risk Dashboard provides metrics validating solution optimization & security efficacy, plus information on asset security status & risk reduction trends

Keep an eye on all your assets

Gain visibility into all your assets across the entire IT ecosystem for a better understanding of the level of risk exposure your organization faces.

  • Get a consolidated and normalized Asset Inventory built from your security and asset data sources
  • Eliminate blind spots with comprehensive visibility into unknown or unmanaged assets
  • Efficiently manage host exclusions and assign asset criticality tiers 

Rely on a single-source-of-truth asset inventory that stays updated even as assets change.

Don’t let threats slip through the gaps

Pinpoint where you lack coverage using risk-aware gap analysis and create intelligent remediation plans that reduce the most risk and ensure the right controls are always in place.

  • Leverage easy-to-understand dashboards like the gap analysis overlayed onto your asset inventory, highlighting Endpoint Coverage Security Gaps and unprotected assets
  • Know where to focus first with Asset Criticality ratings that categorize risk impact based on functional criticality to the business.
  • Focus limited resources on fixes with the highest impact to risk and your business.

      Keep pace with business changes to control cyber risk

      Security teams can manage and control the dynamic nature of cyber risk exposure by staying up to date with changes across the business using the data administration and management features within Asset Visibility, including:

      • A unified asset inventory
      • In-depth analysis and exclusion
      • Reporting and exports
      • De-duplication and exclusion
      • End-of-life OS identification
      • Trend analysis
      • Self-service integrations
      • Search and filter capabilities, and
      • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) augmentation via export

      Make data-driven decisions

      In addition to improving your NIST CSF maturity levels with continuous asset visibility across hosts, criticality ratings, and endpoint coverage gaps, Asset Visibility helps optimize your security programs and provides you with the most value from your cybersecurity investments.

      Asset Visibility is one of several data sources that feed into Critical Start’s Risk-Ranked Recommendations. With this data as part of the Cyber Risk Dashboard, you can analyze your organization’s security posture and risk exposure against best practices and peer benchmarks. You’ll gain the data-driven insights you need to continually take the next best actions that reduce the most risk.

      • Part of our Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ platform, Asset Visibility is available in two tiers to fit your unique cyber risk management needs:

        • Endpoint Security Coverage Gaps (Included as part of Critical Start’s standard MDR service)
        • Asset Visibility (Available with or without Critical Start MDR)
      • Based on your unique cyber risk management needs, you can choose which offer gives your organization the expanded visibility and tighter control of endpoint security coverage it needs to fortify its defenses and keep ahead of risk. 

      Benchmark your cybersecurity against peers with our Free Quick Start Risk Assessments tool!
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