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Our new MOBILESOC UI makes alert resolution and collaboration on the go more efficient and intuitive.
Learn real world attack and defense strategies with Adversarial Emulation and Active Defense training from TEAMARES
TEAMARES launches Breach Attack as a Service for quick testing whenever your environment changes.
Webinar Series | Once More unto the Breach | Lessons Learned from Billion Dollar Breaches

Resolve Every Alert.
Stop Breaches.

We help reduce the cybersecurity workload for your team leaving nothing to chance.

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Cybersecurity Consulting Expertise

Our team of highly trained cybersecurity professionals provides expertise in compliance, tool assessments, threat hunting, incident response and more.

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Managed Detection & Response

CRITICALSTART is leading the way in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. With a unique approach that treats every security alert as equal, CRITICALSTART’s proprietary Trusted Behavior Registry allows security analysts to resolve every alert.

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Offensive Security

TEAMARES, a specialized group within CRITICALSTART, that focuses on understanding your environment more deeply, assess how today’s attacks can impact your organization and better defend your environment.

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Infosec Reborn

A new playbook to understand, adapt and overcome in the hyper-sophisticated threat environment of today’s world.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Deploy an MDR Platform That Can Protect Any Business

Build vs. Buy

How MDR boosts the value provided by a traditional Security Operations Center (SOC)

Alert Response

Our MOBILESOC allows you to resolve & remediate alerts.
“I would say that prior to the relationship with Critical Start, my SOC analysts were experiencing what we all call alert fatigue. Critical Start has really been able to reduce those alerts. Our SOC analysts are able to get through every alert they toss our way. I've been able to take our level three and level four analysts and put them back to work at what they were really hired to do.”
“I find the Critical Start SOC analysts to be very knowledgeable. We rarely get things escalated to us that I feel they should have dealt with. It's been a very good relationship. Not having an event is not making the newspaper in that negative fashion is very, very important to us. That's part of the big value.”
“Our previous Manage Detection and Response vendor didn't do anything. They didn't notify us and it was a big gap. Critical Start, is a complete opposite. What I see, I see stuff going in and I see it coming out; and I see it in a beautiful format.”

We deliver an MDR that:

  • Saves analysts time
  • Offers complete transparency and flexibility
  • Uses tools that you may already have
  • Resolves all alerts
  • Stops breaches

Lets Talk MDR


Our team of highly trained cyber-security professionals provides expertise in technology, adversarial engagements, risk and compliance, privacy and more.

Strategic product fulfillment in TOLA

As a trusted advisor, we analyze our customers’ security problems and present a plan that leverages the solutions of our product partners and only recommend best-in-class solutions.

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