Become a breach-stopping machine.

Resolving alerts is good. Resolving all alerts is better.

Good enough isn’t.

Every alert is important because every alert tells a story. And that story can stop a threat. So, stop settling for so-called good security that just prioritizes alerts and allows real intruders to fall through the cracks.


Detect every threat. Resolve every alert. Stop breaches.

Managed Detection
& Response Services

The only way to detect every threat is to resolve every alert. We’ve built a registry of all trusted behaviors so our clients can benefit from the experiences of everyone in the community.

  • Automatically resolve 99% of security alerts.
  • Reduce risk acceptance and improve team productivity.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

When good enough isn’t good enough, work with a team of elite cybersecurity professionals who have the expertise in technology, adversarial engagements, risk and compliance, privacy, and more.

  • Create a roadmap to improve your security posture.
  • Evaluate gaps and build confidence that operations are secure and optimized.

TEAMARES: Offensive
Security Services

TEAMARES can evaluate your security posture including vulnerability management, adversarial simulation penetration testing and onsite training.

  • Determine just how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious actors.
  • Learn how to better defend your environment from potential threats.

On-the-Go Alert Response

Drive down attacker dwell time with CRITICALSTART MOBILESOC™. Through this iOS and Android app, we go beyond ticketing and instant notifications, giving you the ability to action incidents immediately with information gathered in our platform.

Instant Notifications
Never miss an event again with instant notifications on your homescreen!
Break the Tether

Communicate directly from anywhere with CRITICALSTART SOC analysts for remote collaboration, workflow and response.

  • Instant Notifications

    Never miss an event again with instant notifications on your homescreen!
  • Instant Notifications

    Never miss an event again with instant notifications on your homescreen!

Let’s talk MDR

Let us show you how our MDR service resolves every alert so we can accept the risk you shouldn’t.

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    ARE-ON Utilizes MDR Services for eLearning Security

    The rise of eLearning and mobility has enabled education to happen across an ever-expanding environment. New MDR thinking delivers full-spectrum visibility for state educational networks.

    Schools Systems Rocked by Recent Cyber Attacks—But Not This One

    Learn how Centennial Schools System took action to prevent breaches by recognizing the critical importance of resolving every alert and working with an MDR vendor that provided trusted expertise through a technology-agnostic approach.

Take it from our clients


    I find the CRITICALSTART analysts to be very knowledgable. We rarely get things escalated to us that I feel they should have dealt with. It’s been a very good relationship.

    Director of Cybersecurity at Mattress Firm

    I would say that prior to the relationship with CRITICALSTART, my SOC analysts were experiencing what we all call alert fatigue. CRITICALSTART has really been able to reduce those alerts… I’ve been able to take our level three and four analysts and put them back to work at what they were hired to do.

    Head of Security Operations at MoneyGram

Incident response consulting

Reactive emergency response and proactive incident readiness services to help you prepare, respond and remediate.

Strategic product
fulfillment in TOLA

We’ll analyze your security challenges and present a plan on how you can leverage our services and those of our product partners. Our recommendations include only best-in-class solutions.

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Acceptable risk shouldn’t be. And we can show you how.

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