You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

Manage Risk by Closing Security Coverage Gaps

Concerned your MDR service isn’t detecting all the threats your organization is exposed to? You’re not alone. Unknown endpoints and security coverage gaps lead to increased risk of a breach, non-compliance, and data and financial loss.

Download our whitepaper to explore how our expanded MDR solution increases visibility across the IT estate, empowering security leaders to effectively close these critical gaps by validating that all security controls are in place and working as expected.

Security teams deserve a better way to optimize operations and reduce cyber risk. Discover how we’ve evolved our MDR beyond threat detection and response by including full signal coverage as part of our standard service to mitigate weaknesses in attack surfaces and ensure the SOC receives the expected signals for threat identification and containment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the increased risks associated with endpoint security coverage gaps.
  • Learn why legacy MDR solutions fall short in providing comprehensive visibility across the IT estate.
  • Discover how expanded MDR helps maximize defenses by actively identifying and empowering teams to remediate coverage gaps before they become entry points.

Dive into our whitepaper to understand how the “see no evil” approach of legacy MDR results in its inability to scale and adapt to the dynamic nature of emerging threats.

Explore Critical Start’s approach to managing risk with an evolved MDR solution that empowers security leaders to strengthen defenses by securing all endpoint coverage gaps.

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